DUP appeal to Justice Commissioner

Jim Allister has raised the proposed legislation on the on the runs, with the Justice Commissioner, suggesting: “…that this proposed legislation involves such a denial of the human rights of victims, particularly the right to have an effective remedy”. This is not just a classic Unionist/Nationalist thing. Mark Durkan has argued that the proposal as it stands amounts to a cover up.

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  • T.Ruth

    I believe that the OTR legislation has the capacity to put the possibility of peace in Northern ireland back by a decade or more. the betrayal of the innocent victims and their families will be a stain forever on the record of the Blair government. all who are guilty of the most barbaric offences in or out of uniform on either side should be subject to the Law. Justice should not be a bargaining tool.
    I applaud Jim Allister’s efforts on behalf of the entire community. i wonder if this odious concession to terror is pushed through if the reatives and victims can take civil action against those sectarian fascists determined to have murdered or maimed innocent people

  • fair_deal

    There is no anomaly for OTR’s. Under the legislation that stemmed from the Belfast Agreement if they return to Northern Ireland they would be tried and if convicted serve two years then apply under the Agreement’s release scheme.

    Many found that approach reprehensible enough this new legislation has found a new low.

  • fair_deal

    How seriously the truth and justice concerns of some victims get treated

    “The Saville inquiry into Bloody Sunday has so far cost £163 million”

    From utv news website

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Does no-one think it’s slightly odd that the one person the DUP doesn’t seem to have asked for advice on the “human rights of victims” is the Victims’ Commissioner?

    They did, after all, get her appointed.

    Has she nothing to say on one of the most crucial issues facing the victims of violence today, from whichever side of the community?

    Should she not, in fact, be leading the debate?

  • fair_deal


    The Interim Victims Commissioner’s term does not begin until December. Also the Victim’s Commissioner legal remit does not extend to stuff like this that remains under the sole preserve of the NIO. Other than a press statement the VC scope for action is limited on the issue.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Thank FD.

    However, ‘remit’ never stopped any other commissioner sticking their nose in where it wasn’t wanted!

    I think the commissioner could interpret her remit in such a way that she would be listened to.

    I almost wish she would.

  • I hope that sufficient Labour MPs find a consience and vote against this on Wednesday!

  • Durkan and Allister only began bleating after Alliance led the way on this issue.

    The so-called ‘Big Four’ need to stop MOPEing and take positive action for once.

    Alliance is specific about its proposals: people to face court in person, absolute assurance on exiles, and review of licensing terms. The others are playing catch-up.

    If Alliance had a greater mandate, it could do far more constructive things, rather than the irresponsible and unrealistic moaning from the ethnic entrepreneurs.