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Guardian G2 magazine has a profile of some of the political bloggers based in the UK. Some good leads for further investigation. There are two that I’d not read a huge amount of before. As Nick Whyte notes, Oliver Kamm has done some intensive probing of Chomsky’s comments on the media and politics and finds them severely lacking. Chicken Yoghurt’s casts a caustic eye on the New Labour establishment. And there’s a short quote in there from yours truly. Photographs in today’s print version apparently.

  • ch in texas

    Mick, The writer keeps going back to 9/11 as the reason many blogs began and/or grew. Did that watershed event have anything to do with the growth of Slugger? Congrats to you on the quote in the article.

  • Mick Fealty

    None that I can think of. I first heard of the concept around then, but it wasn’t for another nine months or so that Slugger got moving.

  • ch in texas

    Come to think of it Mick, 9/11 brought me to you. Seeing the Western European reaction to that event and esp. that of the war, I’ve been trying to understand why people think the way they do in your part of the world. Slugger is an excellent forum for that.

  • Michael Conley

    Good see the pints haven’t damped down all the brains. Glad to be aboard.

  • I’m sorry about this, I am interested in politics however what I do and love are computers! How much bandwidth increase has (by the end of the week) being in the Guardian made? Thanks

  • I will keep an eye on things Matt, but my experience in the past is that it’s the content here and the extent of the buzz it generates online that drives the biggest traffic.

    My feeling though is that it’s not the numbers that will count, so much as the who that gets to read us for the first time that matters.

    PS, if anyone is hmmming and haaaaing about buying the Guardian today, this copy has a very nice photo story attached. Made my day (vain creature that I am). The pic on the front page captures something of that in-the-roundness of blogging – though there’s also a faint touch of the Busby Berkeley about it.

  • Congratulations Mick. Well done. Though which Irish Sunday paper nicked your line? [He says, praying it wasn’t him.]

  • It wasn’t you Rich!

  • Nestor Makhno

    Reminds me of one of the original observations about the internet..

    From the New Yorker, 1993

  • That’s quite a claim to fame, Mick.. or was it from Oliver Burkeman?

    And what’s the inside track on David T? 😉

  • I’m not as fat as I appear to be in those pictures…

  • Glyn

    Mick I haven’t read the article yet, but god, from the photograph you’re a very distinguished man.

    You’ve come a long way from that old, American slugger website.

  • Mick Fealty

    Don’t listen to that David T. He’s much larger in real life!