Back to plan A

Sports Minister David Hanson has reiterated that it’s the Maze or nothing for any future stadium. “We have looked at the Maze/Long Kesh site in detail. We have given it some economic assessment and really it is the only site that we are able to consider. We have looked at other sites in Belfast and we have ruled those out. At this late stage any new entry is not likely to find favour with the (British) government at all.”

  • Pete Baker

    George, as has been repeatedly pointed out, that ‘some economic assessment’ has not been made public.. in spite of requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Rationalist

    The greater Belfast area already has three perfectly good stadiums – Windor, Casement and Ravenhill – which adequately serve their respective ballgames. The Maze project is little more than a political white elephant – or should that be political football?

  • I’m not sure I agree that Windsor serves football adequately (it’s certainly in danger of falling foul of UEFA standards in the coming years I think) though from what I hear the other 2 sports are reasonably happy (but Casement’s a bit small for the GAA).

    But yes, sadly, politics seems to be taking over this project. The SIB made it quite clear that their remit was geared around “promoting and supporting the development of an integrated society … through the provision of a shared space”

    In other words turn that bad old nasty maze site into something fluffy and give the NIO minister in charge a peerage (or a promotion anyway) for reconciling those nasty warring tribes.

    A nice dream, but the way they’re going about it is reminiscent of square pegs and round holes.

  • TOT

    has any of our esteemed local politicians asked for the economic cases to be published? Or are they to busy collecting their weighty pay packets.

  • Northern FF

    All this talk of white elephants, but no one talking about the elephant in the corner.

    i.e. The Stadium is needed at the Maze to give cover to the shiny new H-Block museum and Provisional shrine that is going to be built there. Like everything else in NI, it’s back to ‘they’re getting something, so we want something’.

    This Maze plan stinks to high heaven.

    One more thing – everyone keeps talking about the need for regeneration at the Maze. Excuse me? ‘Regenerating’ that area, i.e. bringing it back to former glory means one of two things – a new prison or giving it back to farmers.

  • GavBelfast

    “This Maze plan stinks to high heaven.”

    That sums it up very well indeed.