To infinity and beyond!

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir finds time to applaud the Brilliant Masses [all 8,762 of them] who score a little victory every day.. when they buy a copy of the Daily Ireland. Interestingly, he claims to have attracted seven-figure support from investors after a “second funding round” – How is that petition going?. He also claims that the Daily Ireland team’s response, to the countless brickbats, has been “to stay in the only gear they know — forward.”.. apart from that slight hiccup back in June.. obviously. Evidence of its success is “the growth in family notices since our first issue on February 1; the steady rise in advertising revenue (last week was the best to date); and the consolidation of our sales performance.” Not a levelling off or a decline, Mick! The Broom manages to keep a straight face.. just.