Hell Angels to come to Belfast

Pub philospher notes the decision of Hells Angels to set up a chapter in Northern Ireland. Finally it’s 1969!

  • Great! Now every time someone throws a house party, the 2am uninvited guests can be scary-looking Hells Angels (one carrying a beer keg on one shoulder).

    Much cooler than the reality: wee spides robbing your place while everyone is too pissed to notice.

  • That’s the best news I’ve heard all day, maybe a trip to Belfast should be on the cards…

  • P Ring

    Astonishing news. Mainly because Hells Angels Ireland are history. Because up until about 10 years ago they had a thriving chapter, 8 or 9 members with their ‘full colours’ and maybe half a dozen ‘prospects’, their own clubhouse and a fair degree of deserved and undeserved notoriety surrounding them. No they weren’t schoolteachers and solicitors and yes there did seem to a whole druggie thing going on. But I mainly remember them for being pleasantish small-town bike fanatics who were clearly out of their depth when they hosted gathering from UK, US and continental Hells Angels. There was nasty rape case involving some foreign Hells Angels at the opening party for their new clubhouse. And where were these hairy tribute-makers to the Californian motorcycling lifestyle? Well their first clubhouse was in Union Street in LURGAN and then they moved to a bigger one in Charles Street. And many a night of frivolity and fun I had in both these venues. Oh the stories I could tell…

  • Paul

    Well written article and fair. People should remember that the Chosen Few have been here since the year dot anyway and it can only add colour to the city. I say good luck to them.

  • Paul, in your comment on my site, you mentioned that Radio Ulster had a go at the Hells Angels.

    What did they say?

  • Paul

    The BBC good morning Ulster ran an 8 minute piece that was inaccurate and sensationalist. It featured a american guy who claimed to be a HAMC expert but in truth is just talking nonsense to promote his book.