Time for justice, time to go…

AFTER meeting the mother of Real IRA murder victim Danny McGurk, republican critic Anthony McIntyre thinks it’s high time they went away too. Police have blamed a wall of silence for the lack of a conviction in the McGurk murder, although McIntyre reports suspicions of an informer’s involvement.McIntyre writes:

The Real IRA should forget questions of grand strategy. After almost a decade in the field it should accept that it is not fit for purpose. While it can do absolutely nothing to shake the grip of the British state on the North, it can do something to alleviate the suffering of a family caused by the actions of its members. It does not take a genius to work out that Mary McGurk, already in her mid-seventies, is not going to be around forever.

The Real IRA, if there is anything real about it, should find the integrity to tell this grieving mother and her children the real circumstances behind the murder of her son. Then it can withdraw from the field secure in the knowledge that despite its now legendary incompetence it managed to get one thing right.

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