On the Adams stand off with the State Department

Some of the best writing at the moment seems to be in the virtual world (unless of course you know better). This piece from the Broom with some long thoughts on the nature of the power play between Sinn Fein and the US State Department. She notes that the US condition seems to focus around Sinn Fein backing the policing, and that party’s disappointment that the decommissioning of the IRA did not tip the balance in favour of letting Adams attend the party’s fundraising events in the US. Although I note there’s no mention of the return of the Colombian Three, which really did get under the skin of the US administration.

  • seabhac siulach

    It is outrageous that the U.S. government is attempting to blackmail a political party in this manner. Why would Sinn Fein (or any nationalist) back the policing arrangement at present? We are seeing these days the farce of people being arrested for the Northern Bank robbery on charges so laughably circumstantial that they will be not stand up in any court.
    No doubt, these arrestees are to be released shortly with a fraction of the fanfare of their arrest and minus the television cameras. Something like the many non-publicised releases after the high profile arrests for the Stormont ‘spy-ring’, the Castlereagh break-in, etc., etc., which turned out to be nothing more than Special Branch dirty tricks. Should we perhaps thank and be grateful to the PSNI for collapsing the assembly as a result of their actions that time? They helped the DUP no end…who, I am sure, at least, are very grateful.
    This is policing six county style…perhaps the PSNI should change their name to PR-NI, as PR is about all they are about at the moment. The policing this summer in places like Antrim (Ahoghill, etc.) has hardly been one to instill confidence into the hearts of anyone…except maybe unionist thugs…
    I don’t remember the yanks kicking up too much of a fuss about any of that. Strange…
    The truth is that the PSNI is still not a force that can be trusted by nationalists. What say the U.S. government now also impose sanctions on the U.K. government to fully implement the Patton report (in the spirit of anglo-saxon fairness, of course!).

  • Tomas Maguire

    Funny how time and age changes a man?

    Adams of old, the revolutionary of cage 11 would have went on ahead to New York, attended the fundraiser and suffered the consequences. Or better still like the Rockport five used that as a public platform to highlight the issues of the day.

    This seanfhear (auld boy) Adams asks permission, gets politically out manovered over the PSNI, is knocked back and then huffs in a corner.

    I’m prompted to ask myself, is this the Meon na Saoirse (spirit of freedom) thats going to bring about a United Ireland in his lifetime?

    Answers on a postcard to Mr Adams, Fold 11, The Internal settlement, Sovereignty Denied, Stormount BT 65 OAP

  • Gonzo

    Adams is making this very personal, blaming US envoy Mitchel Reiss. You could tell by the way he said on the radio that he didn’t want to personalise this but then went on about Reiss for a few minutes. Perhaps he thinks he still has friends in Washington that can make life difficult for Reiss. I doubt it though.

    Policing has been THE key issue for the Americans during the peace process and their long involvement in it (that, and they are nuts about integrated education too – I guess that shows you that they may have learned some lessons about conflict themselves).

    You would expect the US to use a bit of leverage where it can have any effect.

    A visa was the carrot at the start of the process, but now that SF has metamorphised into an electoral cash cow, the US is applying a bit of stick.

    Bizarre that when the US uses a bargaining chip such as fundraising rights SF throw an indignant tantrum. After all, it used guns as its negotiating chips for years.

    Reiss obviously has something neither Jonathan Powell or Tony Blair have – balls.

  • heck

    does any think that this is being done at the request of the british government? I remember the mccartney sisters getting an invite to the white house to meet President Bush while the mother of a dead US soldier sat on a road in Texas trying to get an audience (and she had the support of many congressmen and senators). That is when I decided the whole mccartney issue was being used by the Brits to dampen down the SF vote and the US was playing along.

    there is no political gain in this for the US other than as payback for blair’s support of the Iraq war

  • Bogexile

    ‘there is no political gain in this for the US other than as payback for blair’s support of the Iraq war’

    If you assume that denying Adams the ability to improve on the 26.5 m illion retired killers fund is in Blairs interests.

    Perhaps the truth is that the oversight commissioner and Mitchel Reiss have acknowledged that there is not a more politically correct (and therefore operationally neutered) police force this side of Narnia and simply cannot understand why Adams won’t now go the whole hog and install Gerry Kelly as head of Intelligence (sic) for North Belfast PSNI.

  • Emily

    The McCartney sisters had an audience with Bush LONG before Cindy Sheehan started her public antics.

  • Brendan

    So Adams won’t travel to the US unless he can raise funds. Daily Ireland refers to this a blow to the peace process. so, raising funds in the US is what the peace process was all about?