Campbell: a safe pair of hands for UUP

The Newsletter welcomes the appointment of David Campbell to the Chair of the UUP as a safe pair of hands in the process to re-connect the party at large with where its numberial strength now lies, in its grass roots representatives.

  • Elvis Theking

    I think you find that the UUP has neither numberial nor numerical support at grassroots level

  • Bob Wilson

    Past Chairman James Cooper – whatever his flaws – runs a successful solicator’s business in Enniskillen. Can anyone enlightened me to what this man’s background is?

  • Tampico

    How on earth is David Campbell the voice of the UUP grassroots? Can a man who was umbilically attached to Trimble for the last half decade be described as a safe pair of hands to reconnect to the grassroots? Shouldn’t he have helped Trimble not become disconnected from the grassroots in the first place?

    All in all, instead of breaking from the past, the “new” UUP officer team is a blast from the past. Ken Maginnis, Joan Carson, May Steele, David Campbell and others are all just more of the same. Good to see Jim Rodgers booted off though.