Why no NI advert for UK’s Vatican post?

A fascinating question from Thurrock’s Labour MP Andrew Mackinlay to Jack Straw, “pursuant to the Answer of 1st November, on the Holy See, why no advertisement inviting applications for the post of UK Ambassador to the Holy See was published in any national newspaper of Northern Ireland”. Thanks to Alan for the heads up!

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  • Henry Fitzpatrick

    Is there a missing link here?

  • Henry94

    The Vatican treats Ireland as a single unit. So does The Church of Ireland. Both organisations preceed partition. One by nearly 400 years and the other by over 1900.

  • offer it up

    That is true Henry, but the post is UK Ambassador to the Vatican not vice versa. Although many unionists suspect it is being plotted, the UK doesn’t recognise the island of Ireland as a single entity at present!

  • foreign correspondent

    I vote Ian Paisley for U.K. ambassador to the Vatican, on account of his excellent diplomatic skills and innate empathy with the Catholic church :-)))

  • barcas

    foreign correspondent

    I think it unlikely that Paisley would accept the offer of the post, despite his indisputable credentials.

    After all, if he becomes ambassador, the top job would probably be denied him should it become vacant during his tenure of the lesser position.

    Paisley for Pope, sez I!


  • Stephen Copeland

    There are no ‘national newspapers of Northern Ireland’. Northern Ireland is not a nation, but only a region. If unionists are consistent, then they should be happy that the job was advertised in the ‘London’ dailies. Otherwise they are implicitly agreeing with the nationalist position – that NI is not actually a rightful and inalienable part of the UK.

  • That’s well observed SC (and I’d tend to agree) but it was a Labour MP asking the question in the first place.