Berry appoints Madden and Finucane

Paul Berry, the DUP MLA has appointed the Belfast law firm Madden and Finucane to help him fight disciplinary action from his party the DUP. It’s an interesting choice for one who has been a hard liner in the party. We’ve no line as yet as to why he made that choice, but it might indicate he’s contemplating a defence based on human rights and equality legislation.


    No doubt adding fuel to the speculation that he will get in bed with anyone.


    Er….I was speaking figuratively, of course…..

  • Butterknife

    Mick me thinks you need to add more onto your sentence. But did the DUP not suspend this MLA?

  • “All 108 assembly members have been invited to Stormont for a briefing on the draft budget by the Northern Ireland Office minister Lord Rooker.” (see link on name)
    It will be interesting to see how many MLAs give a damn.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Maybe he just didn’t trust a unionist lawyer or firm.

  • PS

    And maybe, just maybe, he choose the firm that he felt would be best at handling his case.

  • Butterknife

    Maybe he felt that there was less of a chance of being shafted by Unionist lawyers.


    Oh there can be no doubt that he has chosen this firm on the basis that he thinks they are the best at what they do.
    No one can fault any person for seeking the best help on offer.But there is, nevertheless, a certain “aura” attached to this particular law firm, and it is extremely interesting to see Mr Berry make this choice, not least of all because he is surely aware of what reaction it will provoke in some quarters.

    If he feels his rights have been trampled on, or that they are likely to be, then fair play to him.

  • traditional unionist

    You really couldn’t make this up!! Brilliant.

  • Keith M

    Have I missed a chapter in this little soap opera? What happened to Berry’s case against the Sunday World? If the DUP acted before that case was resolved, I think they could (rightly) be in trouble. If Berry didn’t think he had a case against the SW, then he should really exit stage left with his tail between his legs 😉

  • Pete

    If Mr Berry did meet with a massuer, then that is a matter for him only. It just goes to show how neo-conservative the DUP are, especially if the DUP have suspended him from party duties, etc. The DUP support base have no interest in advocating sexual, religious, social tolerance and namely respect, which, can only go to show just how sectarian and bigoted they really are.

    Furthermore it highlights the failure of national identity politics as a means of providing inclusive and more broad based issues that are prevalent in society. It would appear there isn’t any sanctuary for non-constitutional, seemingly contraversial issues within unionist politics, as if you are perceived to be a gay or bi-sexual unionist then you are a man without a party and a man without political support. Therefore alienated and marganlised.

    Who votes for these narrow-minded, parochial politicians? They should be shamed and branded as the people who are holding this country back from sweeping reform which obviously so greatly needed. Time to decomission the minds as well as the guns.

    Time for change.

  • Butterknife

    If Berry is protecting his rear (forgive the pun) by employing this law firm then it doesn’t look good for the DUP as a whole.

  • John East Belfast

    What exactly did the DUP discipline him for ?


    I don’t think it is for anyone else to say what Mr Berry should or should not do.

  • Good to see Sluger’s moral mujahedeen hard at work today – bad Paul Berry for his deviant choice of law firm; Good Slugger liberals for snickering at him. Keep it up boys, keep it up.

  • Pete

    Sorry I should probably not have made such a generalisation with the applied theoretical term of neo-conservationism then. However you have to admit that the DUP like to conserve all that is within their free-presbyterian religious books and ideology, yet, obviously they only like to action the parts of the book which they feel can be used to keep the so-called morals of society in its good place.

    The DUP will never be able to come to terms with the increasing change of political and social demographics in European society, let alone N.Ireland. They will lead N.Ire back in time, for want of a better term: back to the future.

  • Afghan Cynic

    “I suspect you would be hard pushed to argue the DUP is a neoconservative party.”

    I wholeheartedly agree. Besides, there’s little one could call “neo” about the DUP. I’m sure they’d strongly uphold the separation of Church and State. The irony – ‘Rome Rule’ under another name. This brand of conservatism owes more to Ahmadinejad than Wolfowitz.

  • Irritated – oh agreed, and best of all (from my point of view) is that it’s a twofer:

    we get to laugh at Paisleyites, current and ex;


    the self-righteous prigs* who infest this place, at the very first chance chance they get to show some restraint/act honestly holier than thou, grab as quickly as they can at the chance to make pooftah jokes. Marvelous, truly shirtlifting, er, uplifting. Almost confirms everything I’ve every said about self-declared liberals: sanctimonious twerps the lot of them.

    *By which I mean, pro-Agreement Ulster Unionists who cheered as Trimble drove the bus over the cliff, and denounced the rest of us as short-sighted reactionary splittists (you know, people like Paul Bew etc etc). Just in case anyone cares.

  • Pete

    However, that said, if you subscribe to the DUP political ethos then you deserve to suffer its consequences.

    Perhaps he should spend a little more time before rendering his services to a party that quite clearly don’t want any involvement with people who are outside their definition of ‘norm’.

    I have no sympathy for him but will gladly take great interest in watching this case unfold, in hope that the DUP will be shown to be the intolerent bunch of back-wood people that they really are.

    National identity politics really don’t work and you can apply as much theory to that as you want but lets not debate it infinitum.

  • Butterknife

    Who is being the hypocrite? Paul Berry who may be concealing his true self or the DUP for acting on its dogma that everyone knows about.

  • Pete – I’m not sure if your post is even partially directed at me, but I’ll take it upon myself to reply nonetheless (yes, I’ve taken *2* pompous pills this afternoon).

    If you or anyone else wants to display your own moral superiority over the DUP, fine, great, lovely, super, ‘triff – and the best of British to you. BUT if the angle in for you, as it were, is your dislike of eg the DUP’s homophobia, you’ve really got to downplay the gay jokes. Otherwise, it just comes across as a bunch of pro-Agreement types so desperate to put one over on the DUP that they’ll, er, behave like the DUP and find eg homosexuality inherently ‘funny, peculiar’.

    Meanwhile, 2 things totally irrelevant to this thread:

    1.) could the settings of the new softward be adjusted so that when a thread goes beyond 25 posts, the ‘comments’ page that comes up is the one with the *most recent* posts on it?


    2.) am I the only ‘traditional Unionist’ [whatever that means] who’s more than a little queasy about the police/’emotional trauma’ legal action stuff?

  • Pete

    No Karl it wasn’t directed at you, it was more directed towards the complete lack of tolerance towards peoples personal choice of sexuality, especially if it falls outside that of hetro-sexual.

    I am merely pointing out that the DUP can’t engage with members of society who may be gay or bi yet are advocaters of the union and may fully support other strands of their party policy.

    Furthermore it is a call to move away from soley national-identity politics, to a more broad based mandate, one of which advocates dignity towards personal choice of sexual preference. NOT one of personal alienation and ridicule.

    It has nothing to do with UUP/DUP point scoring, if that is what you are suggesting, as I lend my vote to neither due to their outdated political stance on many social issues, of which biblical teachings should remain isolated.

    Thats all really.


    I opened the thread with the first double entendre that popped into my head, but that doesn’t mean I am homophobic, or that I don’t have sympathy for someone in Paul Berrys situation.

    I honestly have no interest in whether or not a public figure likes to take it up the wrong’un.
    I do however think it is funny when a situation straight out of a carry on movie is played out before our eyes.

    ( Carry on bending over backwards?)

  • Butterknife

    I hearby admit to my moral superiority over the DUP!

  • Thanks Pete (which sounds like a pitch for a BBC3 sitcom that didn’t get commissioned), but certainly to others, my nannying point remains – if you’ve got a gripe with the DUP for being a bunch of bigots, you kinda spoil your, erm, case, by being bigoted yourselves.

    TAFKABO – snap! I too habitually demonstrate my lack of interest in a subject by finding a webforum and contributing to threads on it . . .

    and Butterknife, well done you, but I fear the Paisleyites still have spelling over you (conventionally, ‘hereby’).



    I didn’t say I had no interest in the story.

    Lighten up ferfuxsake and accept that there is obvious humour in this situation.
    It’s a funny soap opera and unlike most self satirising stories about Norn ireland, no one is being killed, so it’s OK to have a laugh.

  • offer it up

    Madden and Finucane are a respected law firm. I am sure they will bend over backwards to accomodate Paul Berry.

    Although I’ll admit it is a bit hard to swallow the fact that Berry chose a perceived ‘nationalist’ law firm. I hope Madden and Finucane don’t make a balls of this case.

    He’s had a hard time recently so let’s give him a break. Good luck, Paul.

  • Butterknife

    Damn i was going to be smug and say i ‘pasted and copied’ it from you, but alas i have to put my hand up and say fair cop guv. To be honest if the alllegations Berry is a fruit (get it, the fruit berry) anyway Damn i was going to be smug and say I ‘pasted and copied’ it from you, but alas i have to put my hand up and say fair cop guv.

    Ok let me get this straight if the allegations are false and a berry is not a fruit then the DUP may have acted unreasonably by shafting him (I mean it), or rather showing him the back door etc. If the allegations are true then the vegetable, sorry non-fruit is a hypocrite for what he has said in the past, for his treatment of the institution of marriage and, well he is a complete berry who deserves the contempt of those within the gay community and outside it.

    Looks like the Robinson freeloaders are in the news again …

  • Temper, temper TAFKABO – I for one am light as air, but you’re sounding a bit peevish yourself. Bad lunch no doubt.

  • Butterknife

    I bet you spent a long time rimming your memory for that comment offer it up



    Give us a kiss and no harm done.

  • Butterknife

    Now boys thats how rumours start!

  • Let’s settle for an internationally verified manly hug, witnessed by a Presbyterian minister and a Romish priest (ideally not Derry and Dromore diocese however).

  • Shore Road Resident

    Karl Rove – the hyprocisy of Berry’s stance in hiring Madden & Finucane is clear. The DUP has for years referred to Pat Finucane as a “provo solicitor” and objected to an inquiry into his murder with the clear implication that he basically deserved it.

  • Butterknife

    Well as the DUP have this still on their Web i would say they will be facing questions.

  • Traditional unionist

    Leaving aside the obvious humour of a DUP rep having been engaged (allegedly) in such activity, you do have to wonder what the hell he is playing at with the M & F stuff! It almost suggests he wants to piss off whatever discliplinary committee he’s up infront.

  • idunnomeself

    Didn’t the DUP threw out a councillor in Newtownabbey for being openly homophobic?

  • t o kane

    i wish the portadown news was still goin , they would have got great mileage out of this

  • Dick Doggins

    This will be a hard thing for some within the DUP to swallow.

  • martin f

    lol….just finished reading about The Slugger O’Troll Law and then i come here….lol..i wish the blanket updated more often….lol

  • Tiny

    1. The DUP will maybe find it isn’t as easy to disclipine members as it seems, remember how they laughed at the UUP’s trouble with Smyth, Donaldson etc.
    2. I see that Willea Frazer had a lot to say, is he hoping that as a door closes on Berry it will open for him?
    3. Berry has confirmed what alot of us suspected, he’s a plonker!

  • Comrade Stalin

    I’ve always found Berry to be a classic case of “methinks the gentleman doth protest too much”. He was just a little bit too outspoken, too hardline. His decision of which law firm to appoint is controversial, but unsurprising given what we already know about the man’s hypocrisy.

    I wonder what Berry thinks he has to gain by suing his party ? They’re not discipling him for being gay, they’re disciplining him for being a complete idiot during an election, which is an entirely reasonable thing to do. They’ll crush him into the ground, and where will he be then ?