Slow but sure change in (political) climate

The Irish Times today calls for caution and a light touch from Nationalists and direct engagement from Unionist leaders with those factions of their communities that have become disaffected from the mainstream business of politics. HOwever it notes one bright spot in the otherwise grey political foreground (subs needed):

At a time when many loyalists are deeply suspicious of authority; reject IRA decommissioning as bogus and believe too many concessions have been made to nationalists, the two governments should step lightly. Loyalist alienation was measured in bloody street violence last September and could recur. There are, however, some positive signs. Last weekend’s decision by the LVF to disband may reflect a changing paramilitary situation following IRA decommissioning. A statement of intent is expected from the UVF later this month that may advance the situation.

  • Henry Fitzpatrick

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