McDowell attacks SF’s integrity

The Broom of Anger, having been temporarily robbed of its rightful place in the blogosphere, is back on form. She picks up Michael McDowell’s ascerbic and finely calibrated attack on Sinn Fein in the Dail yesterday followed by a brief argument on the importance of working with some independent measure of truth. PS, she’s less than complementary about our attempt fire up a discussion on Adams’s Prime Time interview.

  • Pete Baker

    Actually, Mick, I think that the Broom is accurately dismissive in her description of that appalling interview, whereby the – “party faithful that post at Slugger have done their best to steer the discussion away from the actual content of the interview”

    Which by the way continues here.. possibly.. 25 comments restriction excluded… hopefully..

  • Mal One

    Micheal,dear love him, has got it in one (yet again). The more the Shinners complain/whinge the more Micheal is correct. The Shinners are as untruthful as they are lying. Their leader is a master at it ….if you do not believe me take a look at his farcical comments on “Bloody Friday” carried in one of his endless self promoting biographies. If I remember correctly he must have spent at least a “whole!” on those murders and he used that page to blame everyone else (i.e. police/army) for the murders and to add insult to the bereaved he thought it a good idea to ridicule to name “Bloody Friday” by saying, and I quote “as a Brit idea”.

    Statesman? …you have got to be joking!

  • martin

    Mc Dowell would be better served doing the job that taxpayers pay him to do rather than constantly slabbering about Sinn Fein—Why doesnt he comment on the guilt of Gardai of murdering 14 year old Brien Rossiter in Clonmell Gardai station

    Why didnt he support the Mc Breartys quest for justice–when he knew they had been set up by corrupt gardai more than 5 years ago.

  • missfitz

    Reading Broom’s description of SF as all things to all people for all time, reminded me of a story in Dick Walshe’s “The Party”. 2 neighbours were discussing Fianna Fail and boasting about their respective allegiance to the Party. After much upping the ante, one finally declared “Shure our family has been in the Party since the Rising” 1916? asked the other. “Not at all man, since 1798”

    SF appears to be following faithfully in the FF footsteps of mythology creation further contributing to this “mindset” also mentioned by Broom

  • mwk

    robbed of her rightful place? Securocrats everywhere!

  • Pete Baker

    “Securocrats everywhere!”

    Anyone, in particular, in mind, mwk? 😉

  • Bogexile

    MMD is the only southern politician who could seriously convince me that there might be room for my identity in a new ireland. Face it lads, he’s one far sighted man in a land of republican myopia.

  • seabhac siulach

    Strange how McDowell’s attacks on republicans tend to be timed to coincide with the latest awful statistics on crime or the latest gangland murder in Dublin…what is it, more than 10(?) already this year? Something he is directly responsible for. But, strangely enough, McDowell takes no heat (ever) in the media for these things, i.e., the out of control gangland feuds, large increases in violent crime, etc. as they seem happily fixated on his smoke-and-mirrors statements regarding Republican criminality. Wonder how long he can get away with it. Working grand so far. I am not saying that Republican criminality doesn’t exist but the minister should really comment on (or prevent…now there’s an idea) the murderous criminality on his own doorstep before criticizing those who have made difficult and dangerous sacrifices (ideological and personal) for peace in this country. Does he have nothing better to do with his time??