The irony of it all

The refusal of the sisters of Robert McCartney to share a platform with Margaret Thatcher at the Women of the Year Awards has caused concern among a section of the commentariat [or rather the inability to comment on it has *ahem*], but while Thatcher’s former press secretary Bernard Ingham has taken offence on her behalf I heard Norman Tebbit express his understanding of their decision on one radio interview [the Irish Times has the quote subs req], and the award organisers certainly weren’t offended. Henry McDonald, meanwhile, online at The Guardian, has an interesting take on the matter, pointing out that, “the irony of Thatcher’s legacy to Ireland is that the woman who once protested that Ulster was “as British as Finchley” actually began the process by which the Irish Republic gained more influence over Northern Ireland.” Update Dan Keenan in the Irish Times has Norman Tebbit’s commentsFrom the Irish Times –

Lord Tebbit said: “I do understand their position and I wouldn’t want to criticise them. They’ve got troubles enough with Sinn Féin/IRA. It would enable Sinn Féin/IRA to justify their treatment of the McCartney family if they were to share a platform with Lady Thatcher.”