Sectarianism in Donegal?

David Vance over at ATW has spotted a recently upheld case of discrimination Donegal County Council against a woman because she was born in Northern Ireland.

  • Pete Baker

    Not exactly extensive coverage out there of this case, Mick.. but there’s one report here.. and another here

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  • Mick Fealty

    Just back from a week in Denmark this pm Pete. I’m working on the 25 comment limit problem as we speak.

  • Ringo
  • Brian Boru

    Extremely rare.

  • Brian Boru

    There is very little sectarianism in Donegal these days. Polls show that 96% of Protestants there socialise with Catholics in their everyday lives compared with about 29% on both sides in NI. Also, most marriages in Donegal by Protestants are to Catholics. This shows the absence of the Northern-style segregation here. Indeed polls here show that many Donegal Protestants see themselves as Irish.

  • D’Oracle

    How do you get from discimination against someone born in Northern Ireland to proclaiming sectarianism in Donegal, Mick.?

    One is birthplace -the other’s religion