Gerry Adams on tax, spending and the public sector

I wanted to link to Pat Kenny’s interview with Gerry Adams Tuesday week ago, but through pressure of time I wasn’t able. Gerry Adams has a second time out, this time on RTE’s Prime Time programme. For the first time in years Sinn Fein gets to put it’s economic thinking (video file) to the test in the mainstream media. Adams argues against what he calls private property rights and, without any obvious trace of irony, accuses the banks of robbing people. Thanks to Gordy for the heads up!He argues that the Republic’s economy is wealthy and that that private wealth should be harnessed to bring public sector services up to international standards. Although he’s cagey when challenged over how he would raise the money, he doesn’t want to see income tax raised for those earning more than €50,000 pa, he several times mentions 30 people who earn over £1 million a year who do not pay any tax. He’s challenged over his party’s proposals of raising the banking tax from 10% to 30%, which he seems to row back from, instead promising to look for efficiencies and savings.

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