Campaign against the GAA in NI?

Deaglan has a copy of a somewhat disturbing poster apparently aimed at the GAA in Northern Ireland.

  • Keith M

    Exactly what’s “somewhat disturbing” about this poster? I must admit the return to fashion of Doc Martens would be a trifle disappointing, but can the GAA and their supporters genuinely complain about this poster, given that (by the admission of people on Slugger) it is a semi-political organisation with an Irish nationalist agenda.

  • bog warrior

    All us GAH heads in Tyrone are shit scared.

  • Dec

    Somehow Keith I can’t imagine you coming out with a similar viewpoint if the poster had been abouting ‘stamping out Orange fascism’. Similarly I wonder if you would air the same sentiments above in the company of sean Brown’s family.

  • Newboy

    Kieth M
    5711 is a reference to Sean Browns murder. So it is disturbing that you would defend the poster.

    I now the GAA has been discussed before on this web site, but the symbolism of a DM boot with 5711 printed on it conges up images of Neo Nazi / Combat 18 / UVF / UFF / LVF thugs gearing up for a campaign.
    If that’s not disturbing then what is?

  • andy

    It seems that some cannot hide their sectarianisn and hatred.

  • I don’t know about Keith but I wouldn’t have known what the number was about – although the poster seems alarmist and possibly inciteful anyway.

  • Brian Boru

    Being a sporting organisation with political aims does not “fascism” make.


    Apart from the obvious hatred displayed in the image, I was struck by the contradicion of the symbolism.
    I had always associated the Doc Martin boot with Fascism, and those who promote it.If the GAA was genuinely fascistic, shouldn’t one expect elements of the far right to praise them ?

    BTW could someone explain the significance of the numbers?
    Thank you.

  • Mick Fealty

    For the benefit of our wider readership, would anyone like to go further in explaning the Sean Brown reference.


    Just found this story in the Daily Ireland,
    It explains both the siginifcance of the numbers and who Sean Brown was.

    Thanks to Nuzhoud.


    sorry, that didn’t work.

    Hopefully this link will.

  • missfitz

    Taf, thanks for the links, but WOW… this gets wild confusing. One of the Daily Ireland stories says that 5711 is a numerical code “when decoded, the numerical sequence means ‘eliminate GAA’, with each number corresponding to the letter’s position in the alphabet .
    The code for the elimination of the GAA is similar to that used by the ultra right neo-Nazi group Combat-18. The one and eight referring to the numerical position of the initials of Adolf Hitler’s name”.

    I had assumed 5711 was a reference to the date Sean Browne was murdered. In any case, I think a case can be made that this is indeed disturbing.

  • Gonzo

    I had always associated the Doc Martin boot with Fascism

    Wrongly. The DM has been been associated with quite a few subcultures over the years, including punk, for example, which is about as far from the right as you can get.

  • Rationalist

    Why is the boot stamping on the French flag? Surely these amadans have confused the GAA with the Francophile sporting organisation, the Gallic Athletic Association!
    Pierre Canavan and Etienne McDonnell beware!

    Notre jour viendra!

  • “Why is the boot stamping on the French flag?”

    It’s the Irish tricolour. You might want to get yourself a new monitor đŸ™‚

  • crat

    To clarify.

    5 – E(xterminate)
    7 – G
    1 – A
    1 – A

    A similar code was used by members of the Orange Volunteers in relation to the GFA.

    It’s meant to be a secret call to action, one that meets KeithM’s approval.