obviously a complex area..

RTÉ reports on the radical proposals slight adjustment to the liquor licensing laws, as does the Belfast Telegraph.. three months consultation on whether to add 1 hour to pub opening hours from Monday to Saturday? sheesh. In England and Wales they are introducing, potentially, 24-hour opening later this month. Appointed NIO minister David Hanson launched the consultation today

  • Wow- a whole extra hour! That’ll make such a difference. I can fit in at least another pint and a half. We must be grateful to our remote control Westminster rulers.

    We are not worthy. We are not worthy.

  • frankie

    One hour, ye nordies are mad enough without allowing ye to get drunk 24 hours a day. We tryed that one hour craic and found that a lot of people did not go into work on a Friday. As our law only convered Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So Bertie decided for the sake of the Tiger to repeal Thursdays hours.
    Its all crap anyway. Sure any good boozer will know where to get after hours.

  • eranu

    2 am closing time is still crap. pubs and clubs should be able to serve drink up to 5 or 6am on a friday and saturday. this would make a night out were you might visit a couple of pubs and clubs over the space of a night viable. at the minute all you can do in belfast is have an earlyish meal and then hurry around to a pub / club for about 9 or 10 pm. then you have to stay there all night as you might not get in anywhere else. there is no point in moving on somewhere else at 11 or 12 as the night is over at 1. the night is hurried and over in a flash.
    belfast is trying to market itself as a weekend party city. but a night out there is over before it even gets started. ive brought friends from outside NI for a night out in belfast and its always an embarrasment to tell them that places close at 1 am…..
    i can only assume that the people in charge are boring middle aged old farts whos idea of a mad saturday night is a cup of coco in front of celebrity come dancing !

  • The Lush

    So how many pints would ya drink. Would you consider 10 to 15 pints on a nite out to much ?
    What is the story with Nordies drinking Harp its puke.
    Next question in Loyalist/Unionist bars do they serve Guinness and do the tatooed/bowler hatted punters drink it?
    Afraid i am off it for November, shame getting thirsty just writing about it.
    Also is Bushmill’s considered an Irish Whiskey or more of a Whisky 😉

  • Could’nt agree more Eranu. It is an embarrassment to call this place an international city. To say the laws are draconian is an understatement. When you go to Dublin or further afield there is a genuine party cosmopolitan feeling about the place. Closing here at 1am is cringeworthy.

  • The Lush,

    Draught Harp actually tastes ok but its a long way from the truth to say most Northerners drink it. In my opinion Draught Stella is the best pint around. Fosters draught is also very under-rated…

    PS If you spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not Bushmills is regarded as an irish whiskey, then I reckon you need to get out a bit more!! Drink is drink mate. Just sup it and forget the rest…!

  • The Lush

    I don’t really like whiskey anyway. But i must agree stella is a fine larger. It is dirt cheap in the South. They were trying to market it here.
    One gets really locked drinking stella and the ads are class. Hangovers from stella are bad.
    What about me Guinness question, is it confined to one side of suppers ?

    drink is drink i disagree. Whilst a person drinks he needs a wide knowledge of various world affairs to be able to enlighten his friendly bar fly’s. So it is really important to know who drinks Guinness and then hit them with another fact that Guinness is no longer Irish but Diago a multi national. Oh the facts tell me the facts !

    Like do all catholics smoke Carrols fags ? now there.

  • The Lush


    Also you misquoted me.

    You said ” but its a long way from the truth to say most Northerners drink it”

    What i said was “What is the story with Nordies drinking Harp its puke”

    I never said anything about Northerners i said Nordies
    To stir the pot one needs a spoon. Slow day at work 🙂

  • The Lush,

    You’ve totally confused me mate!! Firstly everyone here drinks Guinness regardless of which area they come from. The same is true really for all drinks. I have never come across anyone who has discriminated against a pint of Guinness on religous or political grounds !! Quite right they are too!! Now to the big issue – Whats the difference between a Nordie and a Northerner? I await with baited breath…!

  • George

    The Lush,
    if anything it would be Irish republicans who would have an issue with Guinness, which was always pro-Union.

    It used to be called “Guinness’s black Protestant porter” after Arthur’s opposition to the United Irishmen.

    Arthur Guinness II opposed Daniel O’Connell as he fought for the repeal of the Act of Union. Supporters of O’Connell called for a boycott of the drink, but O’Connell dismissed the idea.

    Or how about what Arthur GII’s son Benjamin said of nationalists in 1865:

    “Those wicked and worthless adventurers who would not only deprive our country of the advantages which, as a part of the British Empire, we enjoy, but who would overturn all the social arrangements of society.”

    But the stuff tastes too damned good for even your most militant Irish nationalist to care about such historical trifles.

  • The Lush


    Thank you so much for enlightening me. I may now abuse my fellow suppers once november passes.


    You see i can’t say I was in a bar last nite and there was a bunch of loud Northerners. It just does not sound right.

    What does sound right is that i was in a bar when a bunch of loud Nordies came in.
    I’ll tell you i am sick of them Nordies taking our jobs, women houses etc.

    Oh ya tom(Bar Fly) are you drinking Prod porter.

  • eranu

    george, thanks for digging out the facinating info 🙂

    macswiney, i believe the difference between a nordie and a northerner is the same as the difference between a southerner and a free stater . northerner and southerner are casual but reasonabley polite terms you could use in conversation. nordie or free stater would be more of a friendly slagging you’d give a mate in the pub. 🙂

    the lush, id agree with you that nordies can be loud when a group of them bursts into a pub in dublin.. ! and im one of those ones thats taken one of your IT jobs and also one of your women, can afford one of your houses though 😉

  • eranu

    oops, thats “cant afford one of your houses though 😉 ”

    im not a millionaire…..

  • The Lush

    On women oh to be on a woman.
    How about a survey of women. I bet all Nordie chicks would perfer a southern bloke and all southern women would perfer a good rugged west of Ireland dude. 🙂

  • The Lush


    Dublin is not in Ireland. It may as well be in the U.S. except for Tallagh. Which is in a strange place between fact and fiction.
    The ramblings of a mad man.
    Also do u find free state women good to go. Nordie women would rip the …. off ya 😉

  • eranu

    tallaghtfornia is indeed a strange and scary place !

    free state women are all sex mad, cant say anything more (for security reasons !! ).

  • Ziznivy

    Stella “the finest pint around”! Dear Lord! I’d recommend that macswinney goes to the Belfast Beer Festival this month. Beware though, some of the beer there may actually taste of its ingredients and lack the hint of various chemicals extraneous to a proper pint of beer.

  • Ziznivy,

    I would speak for all of my drinking pals of many years when I say that there is nothing worse in any establishment than encontering a “real ale” bore !! No doubt you are one of these guys who walks up to the counter and buys the most obsure lager/beer available just because you can. As a long time frequenter of The Kitchen Bar we use to gasp in astonishment at the bozos and drinks snobs who came to frequent their “real ale” festivals. Let me tell you Ziznivy some of that stuff was absolutely brutal! Natural ingredients maybe, but it tasted truly awful! Still it gave the borse something to chat about as they staggerred home after about 4 pints each! (Isnt it amazing how many of these drinking superstars seem to get drunk so easily!) Must be the “natural” ingredients…

  • The Lush

    None of ye nordies can hold yer drink. A few pints and yer smashing up kerb stones and throwing them at the coppers. The only chance we get to have a good go is the August bank holiday weekend on Achill Island where you can go mental and get away with it. I even managed to knock off the lights of a cop car in my youth. My youth.