Ireland win Intercontinental Cup

That’s the Ireland Cricket team, who qualified for the ICC Intercontinental Cup tournament, held in Namibia, for the first time this year. The ICC Intercontinental Cup is contested by the top non-Test status countries and the Ireland team secured victory on Saturday, beating Kenya by 6 wickets in the three-day final. However, as this BBC report indicates, the success, and potential elevation to Test status, presents a dilemma for some of the players involved.

  • Well i’ve zero interest in the sport but fair dues to the team anyway on winning the cup for the first time!

  • IJP

    Potential elevation to test status… for the Ireland team… it’s a momentous triumph but let’s not get too carried away!!!

    Excellent job from the team, though, particular after their horrendous journey out to Namibia. (Mind, when I went I drove it from Cape Town, which was hardly any easier!)

  • Dick Doggins

    Great news, now bring on the World Cup.

  • David Cather

    Elevation to test status would be a great long-term goal, but we need to invest in the sport at a grass-roots level if we are to hope to compete even with the likes of Bangladesh or Zimbabwee.

  • The Beach Tree

    IJP, Tether

    I think the elevation to test status refers to “some of the players involved” , not the team – e.g. Ed Joyce.

    Ireland will not have a test team in the forseeable future, more’s the pity. If we used the granny rule and indigiounous talent widely, we could take Bangladesh and Zimbabwe pretty handy – frankly Kenya could too.

  • Dick Doggins

    With the experience that both our communities have with using any type of bat for off the field activities, maybe one day this could be translated onto the field!

  • IJP

    TBT – yes, the report clearly refers to individuals, but Pete seems to suggest the team should go for it.

    I’m not at all sure test status is even a remote, distant goal. Bangladesh has been a complete failure and would in fact be better returning to associate status where it could build the game up from grass roots and win the occasional match. Zimbabwe is rather more unfortunate, as it had been a remarkable success story until Mugabe’s farcical interventions.

  • Pete Baker


    I’m not actually suggesting anything, IJP.

    The possibility of Test status would seem to me to be a potential result, eventually, of winning first-class tournaments, such as the Intercontinental Cup, on a reasonably regular basis.. that would depend on the better players remaining with the team and helping to bring through more players who could repeat this success – hence the dilemma.

  • Surely winning the cup means we get ‘temporary’ test status until after the next Cricket World Cup – ISTR Kenya did them same for the last World Cup.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Many congrats to the lads, this is a wonderful acheivement. I’ve watched and played for years and it’s great to see our island playing good exciting cricket – to declare your first innings 100 behind took some balls! I think we should calm down about test status though. The Irish team as it stands would struggle in Div 2 of the county championship at present. Look at Scotland in the national league. We need to develop the game at the grass roots and get more people playing – that’s the key! In a generation or two if the right investment is made we could have a decent first class side and maybe a three or four day side in the second tier of international cricket but test status is a pipe dream. Gotta walk before you can run, folks. In the meantime good luck to Ed with the England thing and roll on the Windies 2007! Any suggestions for how the travelling Irish support should name themselves (a la Barmy Army or Fanatics)?

  • The Beach Tree

    Young Fogey

    Not quite, I’m afraid – Kenya gained Official one day status after their exploits in the last world cup. They never received Test Status. See Official ICC Cricket Homepage.

    Ireland, along with Scotland, Namibia, Holland and Bermuda have gained ODI full ststus up to and including the next world cup following their exploits in the recent ICC trophy tournament. Kenya’s status has been renewed. As a result all 16 qualifiers for the caribbean are now full ODI nations. But the Ten Test Nations remain as they were.

  • stu

    It’s always good to win something, and hopefully one more all-Ireland sporting victory will ease our ride immeasurably. Perhaps this is the only starting XI everyone on this island could get behind?

  • darth rumsfeld

    Any suggestions for how the travelling Irish support should name themselves (a la Barmy Army or Fanatics)?

    the maddy paddies?

    I’ll get me coat :0(

  • smcgiff

    Get ready to wet yourselves…

    Ireland will be playing England in its first ever Test match!

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Calm down dear, it’s just a one day game! Dibs on tickets! Can’t wait! To put things in perspective the rest of the article gives details of Ireland’s county commitments – a more realistic objective.

  • smcgiff

    ‘it’s just a one day game!’


  • esmereldavillalobos

    S, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Ireland playing Test cricket as I have posted before but you need to have Ireland beating English counties on a regular basis in the short form of the game before having even a four day game with a county side. Maybe I do sound churlish but I can’t recall the last time Ireland played over four days – even the intercontinental win was over three days. I can’t wait to see them take the English on especially as I’m now living in Essex and hearing about how great they are daily(even though they are very good and will hammer us but I’m not telling them that!). You must play the game in Dublin, it’s the capital of the island (even an Ulsterman can see that).

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Should read: (even I as an Ulsterman can see that).

  • Mangaonkar

    Irish have improved a lot …..They deserve Test Status before Kenya…They have potential to Beat Bangladesh and Zimbabwe….and if they get good matches and practise they will defeat India,Pak also…..
    Atleast Irish are Professional cricketers they will not take long to win a test match like bangladesh ..

    Pray for Irish Test Status for 2007-2008