Paulin: searching for a peculiar heritage

Interesting review of Tom Paulin’s new book Crusoe’s Secret. Adam Piette thinks he’s trying too hard to tie some of his own literary heroes into his own peculiar political and cultural outlook.

  • Alan

    Clearly a review that has substantially less coherance and direction than that reviewed.

  • Linguist

    Funny how the reviewer describes paulin’s accent as “harsh”- the guy speaks in the most mellifluous of tones, IMHO

  • darth rumsfeld

    well.. yeah, Paulin comes from a Unionist background and once wrote of his dislike of the Anglo-Irish Agreement, but he’s hardly representative of the tribe, even making allowances for the intellectual prowess he can often demonstrate. I mean, what hardboiled dour Ulster Prod could take Edward Said seriously?

    He probably sees himself as carrying on the tradition of the presbyterian United Irishmen, most of whom later came to support the Union , and in that regard he has much more right to the title deeds than the odiuos Gerry Adams in his speech in South Africa last week