LVF to disband in the next week?

The Sunday Times carries some speculation that the LVF is about to disband. David Ervine says that the UVF, who’ve been prosecuting a violent campaign against the remnants of the LVF, is currently considering its own future options, “none of which include a return to violence”.

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  • “None of which include a retur to violence”???

    Since when did the loathsome UVF cease it’s depraved violence? Did I miss that?

    Why does ANYONE with any wit listen to Ervine? He is in the odd position of having an animatronic on “Folks on the Hill” which is actually more credible than himself!

  • Dick Doggins

    “none of which include a return to violence”

    So ok Davie boy, can we surmise that drug dealing, intimidation of Protestant owned business`s, robberies and all other manner of criminality will be the order of the day for the defenders of Ulster?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Well said David.

    The loyalists are angling for some sort of immunity to carry on their “non military” activities with impunity. Unfortunately, I suspect the government is likely to be quite happy to acquiesce..

  • Dear Dick,

    Perhaps my post was a tad too subtle for you?

    Comrade Stalin,

    Glad we can agree!