Thuggery and mayhem: whose Rules?

Another disappointing result in the International Rules Test series against Australia. Once again I managed to miss it on radio or television as I was travelling in England yesterday and was without access to long wave radio. I’ve no doubt that the Aussies were sharpened up on their ball handing skills by their former Dublin coach. But the picture on the front page of this morning’s Irish Times says says it all/. Former Dublin goalkeeper Paddy Cullen says that Ireland should withdraw from further participation in the compromise rules game.

  • darth rumsfeld

    did you notice Mick how the Aussies wore a kit with what looked suspiciously like and Orange collarette incorporated in the design?
    Someone should ring Father Alec :0)

  • I wouldn’t like to see the series ending but if both associations want it to continue they’ll need to sit down and work out what needs to be done for it to continue.

  • brendan

    The Aussies were superior in every department but their off-the-ball punching , targeting of players e.g. Anthony Lynch, and general thuggery was a disgrace.Fair play to the Irish lads for not getting involved .The Australians should hang their heads in shame.They won’t though.The series should be abandoned as its only a platform for brawling.

  • Hi !

    I have no interest in sports myself , but my 16-years-young son was watching that game , so I ended up watching most of it , too . It made my blood boil – how the Irish players did not just walk off the pitch is beyond me . At points during the ‘game’ I was actually shouting at the telly for the Irish to ‘play’ in a similar fashion ie as if it were a wrestling match they were involved in . I am still not over it …!


  • I presume it wouldn’t be feasible to have international GAA matches with some of the Australian Gaelic players?

  • Dick Doggins

    This is an excellent competition and one I look forward too. What we really need here is for the GAA to toughen up and fight back, stop whinging, pick yourself up and show the type of fighting spirit that goes with St Pauls and Lamh Dhearg games.

  • Absolutely disgraceful actions by the Australians.
    Looking at various Aussie rules boards about the game most of them are defending the actions of the Australian players who stooped that low, calling it “real mans stuff”. If that is real mans stuff then all the AFL can be described as is a scumbag sport. Which it isn’t because the carry on yesterday would have had several players cited. Some of the Irish players let themselves down as well but I blame that on protecting themselves on what was becoming a free for all.

    Real men wouldn’t hit someone from behind or strike out at a defencless person. Much of the Aussie bravado is one of cowardice, you don’t see too many top class Australian boxers.

    I don’t want to see the games end yet though. I’m almost certain they’ll be a full house in Croke Park next year with many Irish supporters wanting to tear a new hole in Australia.

  • I think that Chris Johnson, the animal, will be praying that he is suspended for the trip to Dublin. Otherwise he’d be in for a rough ride.

    The overall attitude of the Aussie press has been more than dissapointing – most describing it as a spiteful game involving bad tackling from both sides.

    A couple of reports have even justified the Australian high tackles as some kind of response to the Irish ‘low tackles’, which I must have missed.

    The annoying thing for me is that we actually came out strong and looked good until the elbows, fists and WWF style tackles started going in. At that point the competition ended as a sporting event.

    What where the australians trying to prove?

  • Martin

    Pretty disgraceful stuff – I agree with Cahal -what were they trying to prove? Both GAA and Aussie Rules are competing against more “international” codes (soccer and rugby) in both respective back yards for players so what on Earth could have been their motivation in trying to ruin a showpiece that benefits both sports.

    More positively, however, congratulations to Ireland for winning the ICC Continental Cup….

  • Dandyman

    I’m not sure what the Aussies were ‘trying to prove’, but unfortunately, the one thing that was yet again left beyond doubt is that they are a nation which feels it still HAS so much to prove, which is very disappointing.

    I spent a couple of years in OZ around the time of the Millenium and I absolutely loved my time there, but the major character flaw they have at a national level is this obsessive macho bullshit they carry around with them like a badge. It’s pathetic really, even the women are also as bad, I remember there was a TV show called the Panel over there (the exact same as the Irish one, we just robbed the format) and these female journalists were going on about what a poofter’s game soccer was compared to the big strong native lads who play rugby and Aussie Rules. Then another guy picked them up on it and showed a clip of Jaap Stam in the middle of a Euro 2000 game getting his eyebrow stitched back together on the sideline during a game with no anaesthetic, and coming back on to finish the match. There’s one hell of a lot of morons dragging their knuckles along the ground down under… I just wish Australian people could see how childish and immature a nation they come accross as sometimes.