Hacks hanging on..

At The Front Page, Emily Bearn isn’t impressed by the general media’s setting up camp at Cromwell Hospital in an attempt to cover George Best’s condition on a minute-by-minute basis – see examples here, here, here, here, here and here. How about giving George Best, his family and friends and the staff of the hospital – not to mention the other patients – a little dignity and space.. and move the caravan on?

  • Gary McNiece

    Greatest respect to George but…………..
    His whole life was a circus and he was ringmaster!

  • missfitz

    Yeah but….. it is very mawkish to see the assembled throngs outside the hosptial, waiting for one thing only…. to see whether or not he survives….

    He may have been a character in life, but should that reallt rob him of dignity in illness?

  • Slapnuts

    Even the most public of lives deserve a little bit of privacy when they’re at deaths door.

  • Alan

    You get the impression that the medja have their obits already written and are getting impatient.

    Quite spectacular bad taste as far as I’m concerned.

  • marty

    The doctor goes in to see George Best. And say`s “well George i have some good news and some bad news”.. “Whats the bad news” says George.. The doctor says ” you only have 1 hour to live. George is devastated, and says “whats the good news.