Transferring in the next few hours…

In the next few hours we will be moving over to the new software platform. Once moved we’ll be free to open the sorely missed comments zone again. Although our readership figures have remained relatively bouyant, we’ve missed your company and robust challenges to Slugger’s good authority. In the meantime, can I ask all bloggers to refrain from blogging until I can give the all clear! It will make Big Blog’s job a lot easier and expedite matters more quickly.

  • Henry94

    Welcome back

  • joc

    All the best on the new site Mick.

    Now – can we comment ?

  • Welcome back!

  • Gonzo


  • Alan

    Looks very square!

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Finally the shakes and sweats have gone and I have my fix again! Good luck everyone!

  • mwk

    Those securocrats must try harder, as they don’t seem to have put you out of business.

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Welcome back Mick.

  • Welcome back 😉

  • Mark_Baxter

    Thank god slugger is back, without all the fights er…. I mean discussions, I was almost tempted to do some work rather than cyber loaf 🙂

  • Bollix

    Good to see you back, looking forward to reading lots more nonsense.

  • Welcome back Slug – it was eerily quiet around here without those comments, and definitely far too civilised! 🙂

  • Dualta

    Welcome back all

  • Were we not all supposed to wait for the all clear…?

  • missfitz

    great to see the site back up and running mick, wish i could remember all the clever things I wanted to say last week!

  • What do you mean “Welcome Back” he hadn’t gone away you know ? 🙂

  • Alan

    Good that we can now establish the productivity of the home team of bloggers too! I wonder if we will see a transfer market develop?

    Better get some of them on contract, Mick.

  • Pete Baker

    That’s a very interesting idea, Alan.. Mick?.. Mick?

  • Nice job Mick!!
    (does this script have a registration function? might be good to have that, it’d cut down on trolls etc)

  • Dick Doggins

    Welcome back, without the comments section I found myself wondering about aimlessly with the urge to write on toilet walls!!!
    Must throw away that aerosol can now!


    Hey Mick, welcome back.I like what you’ve done with the place.

  • Henry Fitzpatrick

    Every time I try to look at a thread that has more than 25 posts *listed* as being posted on it,I can only see up to number 25. Is this just me?

  • Is this number 23?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Henry, it looks like everyone is having that problem. We’ll have to wait til Mick comes back to fix it.

  • mick hall

    Ah, thank christ im not alone, this has been driving me mad, I have checked all my preferences on my ibook, re checked to see if I have missed something. So this post should be 25, then what?


  • Pete Baker

    Then nothing, Mick.. until we get it fixed 🙂

  • 26?

  • Henry Fitzpatrick

    To infinity and beyond?

    BTW there is something semi-beautiful about the verification words this system requies. Much better than most of their ilk. Sorry for the gaiousity of that comment, but I am in a cheerful mood.

  • Henry Fitzpatrick

    Maybe those of us who can’t see anything after the 25th post are being told, none too subtly, to stop posting?

    Or perhaps it’s the heightened sense of challenge that comes from posting blind? or maybe, not being able to see what the other fellow has said (after the 25th post) is a metaphor for the Northern Irish condition?