Translating Commentarius Rinuccinianus

Fascinating news, via the BBC website, on the project to translate Commentarius Rinuccinianus, an account, in latin, of 17th century politics, military history and personnel in Ireland, Britain and in Europe by Papal Nuncio Extraordinary, Giovanni Baptist Rinuccini, who was sent to Ireland in March 1645 by Pope Innocent X. The BBC report also links to this shorter account of Ireland and the War of the Three Kingdoms, by Micheál Ó Siochrú.The BBC report also notes the discovery, during the initial stages of the project, of a previously unknown manuscript history of Ireland –

The work, which is being carried out by the Academy of Irish Cultural Heritages, is being officially launched in Dublin on Tuesday by the Republic’s Minister of Arts, Sport and Tourism John Donoghue.

During the course of initial research the project team discovered a previously unknown manuscript about the history of Ireland, the Historia, which was written by Robert O’Connell in the 17th century.

It will also be translated and published for the first time.

And from the University of Ulster press release

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Ulster is at present translating the Commentarius and will host this translation online at the Academy for Irish Cultural Heritages. The website which will be launched on Tuesday 25 October contains the first tranche of translated material.

The English translation of the Commentarius Rinuccinianus will be completed by October 2007 and will be made available online.

The project team intend to publish the translation on-line at three-monthly intervals, in advance of the formal explication of the text by the Editorial Board.

The translation project is being funded by the Irish Government Department for Arts, Sport and Tourism

I’m still looking for the online content.. which is due to be hosted at the Academy for Irish Cultural Heritages.. I’ll update when I find it.