Dissent in UUP ranks ahead of conference

Tim Collins takes this headline on a report on this weekend’s UUP conference, but it seems he will be restricting his participation to a debate on the future, or whether there is one, for the Royal Irish Regiment. The main story appears to be that the UUP will elect their Party President this weekend as well as other party officers.. but not, it seems, their Party Chairman, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer – that’s to be decided at a later date by the UUP’s Executive. There is dissent in the ranks, however, with the UUP’s Chief Executive, Will Corry going public with his complaint.

From the Belfast Telegraph report –

Mr Corry warned party procedures were completely contrary to company law and must be changed as soon as possible.

“In my corporate experience I have never heard of this timing,” the recently-appointed Mr Corry said.

“It seems to me totally unbelievable to ask officers to stand for election to a board which will be run by persons unknown. It is the norm to have the senior members appointed first, then the potential candidates for the balance of the posts can make an informed judgement as to whether they want to serve under those senior officers.”

According to a report on TalkBack the UUP sought legal advice to confirm that the selection of party officers at the conference could go ahead as planned.