SOS – Save Our Slugger!

Right, we were nearly gone there for good. It looks like we’ve road tested Moveable Type’s capacity to take comments to destruction. The same thing happened last year. Then we had to move hosts leaving the fat old 2002-4 site behind to set up camp here. But now precisely the same thing has happened. The comment script seems to have ‘bowed open’ and is leaking all over the place. For this reason the comments zone have to be closed or we risk losing the whole site permanently.To fix it satisfactorily, we need to move Slugger from Moveable Type to a more reliable and flexible platform. To do that, we are going to need to spend money. How much I don’t yet know, since I’ve not been able to talk to the guys at Big Blog Company to find out how much it will cost. But it will cost a hell of a lot more than I have sitting around in my back pocket.

Without the comments Slugger would continue to be a blog – certainly. But the ability of people with such a mix of views to (mostly positively) kick political footballs with people they might never otherwise meet has emense value. We know that, because that’s what you’ve told us!

But, at risk of being overly vulgar, it’s not going to happen without money.

So we’re going to kick off a SOS – Save Our Slugger – campaign. We’ll shortly have a new Paypal donation button which can accept Visa and other payments. There also the old fashioned way, by cheque and pony express. So please, if only half our regulars gave a tenner each, we could do it tomorrow. And there’d be a few pounds left in the kitty.

So please: give, give, give!