By George, I think they’ve got it!

If Martin Kettle (one of the more sober Guardian columnists) is to be believed, it looks like the Tories may finally have worked out exactly what Tony Blair did to them in 1997. Though he makes an important distinction between the forces of conservatism massing on the banks of the Rubicon and actually crossing them, it does look like the UK might be on the verge of having its first serious opposition in eight, if they make the right choice.Kettle reckons it’s got to be David Cameron. He looks a bit on the light side, but then so did Blair when he took over from John Smith. After presentation, the key will lie getting some decent sized kick ass policies.

If Cameron does get the post, he’ll need some heavyweights in his corner. Moderation will stop the drift to the right wing looney fringe, but so far as middle England is concerned New Labour do that better than the Tories.

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