IRA decomm popular with MEPs

Interesting op ed in Daily Ireland yesterday from the Northern Irish MEP, Bairbre De Brún. Presumably referring to a recent meeting at the European Parliament, she reports that there is widespread support for the IRA’s decommissioning act. She notes that outside Sinn Fein and Mayo Sligo based independent Marian Harkin, none of the other Irish MEP have welcomed it.

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16 thoughts on “IRA decomm popular with MEPs

  1. I would put that down to the electoral-threat the main Southern parties sense from SF. I am not a SF voter but it is true. Much of the hysteria from Michael McDowell – though no all – and others has been down to electoral-politics.

  2. Marian Harkin is Sligo based.

    Says a lot about the other MEPs that they couldn’t bring themselves to welcome the IRA initiative!!

    I think the point which was being made by de Brún was that there is broad political support across Europe – not just the other narrow minded party political Irish MEPs

  3. “Says a lot about the other MEPs that they couldn’t bring themselves to welcome the IRA initiative!!”

    The amount of SF spin that appears in these blogs never ceases to amaze me! So the Provos finally realized they were going nowhere with an armed struggle – hip, hip, hoorah! Is this an example of republicanism for slow learners? What were they expecting – a pat on the back for a job well done? The treasonous men and women of Ireland who murdered their fellow country men should bow their head in shame instead of having the sickening audacity to look for praise!

  4. Zorro, regardles of your mean spirited comments, I believe the IRA took a very courageous step, particularly when you set it against a backdrop of loyalist mayhem on the streets.

    We were told that the IRA were THE problem (obviously they were part of the problem but not THE problem) and all that was required was fo them to remove their weaponry from the equation – they have did that, its others who should now hang their heads Zorro

  5. Just seen this. Ms De Brún writes:

    “Interestingly, apart from Sinn Féin and independent MEP Marian Harkin, not one other Irish MEP spoke in the parliament on the significance of what had happened.”

    “Interestingly” would not be my choice of adverb; more like “bizarrely” or “ashamedly”. Isn’t this the equivalent of the ETA decommissioning and only two Spanish MEPS commenting on it? That’s a very unlikely scenario.

    God, aren’t the Irish such begrudgers? 🙁

  6. Reds under the Beds,

    How do YOU describe or rationalise the actions of those who murder their fellow country men?

    To describe the Provos decision to renounce violence as “courageous step” is, quite frankly, sick. They and their supporters have only ever brought shame on the country to which they pledge allegiance.

    It is obvious that after 9/11 their methods were never going to work. It’s just sad it took something as drastic as that to change popular impressionable opinion of armed groups.

    If you, or anyone else for that matter, decides to respond to this thread, avoid the ridiculously facile attempt to use the misdeeds of others to some how justify further misdeeds, (as is often the case with SF spin!).

    [Personal stuff cut by Mick]

  7. Zorro, I’m sure you agree that the gun had to be taken out of Irish politics. The murder could not continue.

    Whatever you think of the IRA, they have removed their guns from the equation. This is a very important move in European politics and should be recognized as such.

    Putting guns aside and thereby sparing lives is surely more important than discussing trade issues or even, God forbid, minority language issues.

    And I sincerely hope that when the loyalist terror groups follow the IRA’s lead and decommission the weapons they (very conspicuously) continue to use, MEPs from both the UK and Ireland will get on their hindlegs in Strasbourg or Brussels and comment on those acts.

  8. Denny Boy, I am not the kind of person who, like a petulant child, looks for praise when I know I have done a good deed and I would suggest nor should the Provos.

    Of course it is to be welcomed that never again a family will grieve a deceased member because of the treasonous blood lust of some plastic Irish republican. Similarly it goes without saying that the callous blood thirsty paramilitaries on the loyalist side of the divide should do likewise to the satisfaction of the General.

    But are you suggesting the broader population of our island should thank them!?! How completely and utterly ridiculous! Sadly they won’t crawl back under the stone they emerged from. Their treasonous acts of violence bring shame on them, their country and the cause they aspire to.

    Why in heavens’ name would anybody EXPECT Strasbourg or Brussels to give a damm about this island? They have a justifiable selfish interest with regards to the millions that have been directed this way. But if you think they are going to ”get on their hindlegs” you could be waiting a long time! Catch yourself on!

    What was the [Personal stuff] you felt needed to be cut out?

  9. Zorro

    “But are you suggesting the broader population of our island should thank them!?!”

    Christ, no! Simply that the Parliament be (de)briefed, each Irish MEP giving their take on the decom.

    But don’t you think the rest of Europe cares that the continent has now one terror threat fewer to worry about? I think you misunderestimate their concern. After all, Madrid and London showed that terror can strike anywhere.

  10. Alternative headline –

    Sinn Féin representative lauds PIRA bowing to the inevitable.

    ..and demands everyone applauds.

    Where’s the evidence that the “widespread support for the IRA’s decommissioning act” declared by de Brún extends beyond welcoming the announcement by the de Chastelain Commission?

  11. PeteB, i refer you to the Sinn Féin website if you want to see the breadth of support for the IRA initiative throughout Europe, there are countless numbers of press statements from parties and groups in EU and further afield

  12. Denny Boy,

    I think all right thinking people across the globe will be glad that another group has given up the gun and finally responded positively to the democratic will of the majority on this island. To single out and seek a response from a European platform as if to suggest it carries a greater weight of importance or relevance is, in my opinion, misguided.

    Bairbre De Brún would de well to remember that self praise is no praise; something not fully understood by the SF Press Office. If she really believes that because none of the other Irish MEP have welcomed it, does she mean to suggesting it will go unmentioned or unnoticed? Or maybe she is looking for those nice MEPs to give the provos a pat on the back?

    It is a well known fact that politicians the world over like to give their take on anything and everything and this issue will be no different. I believe Bairbre De Brún is trying to do a little euro-point scoring by keeping herself and this story in the news? But as usual, no one is listening to her in Europe, except Mary Lou perhaps.

  13. “i refer you to the Sinn Féin website”

    I went there! What did Bairbre de Brún mean by: “Sinn Féin has been engaged in a programme of outreach work with the unionist community…”

    Genuine question.

  14. Denny Boy,

    take a wander down this past weeks nuzhound – there is a link to a news report that SF has been meeting with loyalist paramilitaries. My hunch is they are trying to play on the fact that Paisley has incited and disowned the paramilitaries enough times in the past and this time they shouldn’t play fall for it.

    BTW the gun was taken out of Irish politics after the Civil War – it’s British or UKish politics that has had a problem with guns these past 30 odd years. Think about how often our esteemed unionist comrades declared that those born in the 6 counties are british citizens?

    It is very much like watching english sports commentators – you’re British if you’re winning and Irish if you’re losing. Peter O’Toole tells similar stories how if he is receiving awards he is called British in British papers but if he’s drinking and getting in trouble he’s Irish.

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