Beginning with TUS and onwards…?

TUAS is the old acronymn which several people have argued over the precise meaning of. But Brian Walker argues that in the wake of the disarmament of the IRA, has to be understood by a new one, TUS (Totally Unarmed Strategy – also Irish for ‘beginning’ or ‘start’). He goes on trace the specific ground on which negotiations will be played. The policing issue looks like the most substantive, whilst the issue of what’s to be done about the on the runs (OTRs) is set to be most controversial.He notes:

Other parties are naturally worried. One concern is that the State is about to take over from an American charity the funding of Community Restorative Justice Ireland, a body the SDLP believes is too close to the Provos. One of their number, I’m told, tried to persuade Jeff Commander, the friend of the McCartneys, not to report to the police the attack on him a fortnight ago, allegedly by republicans. CRJ should be publicly funded only if publicly and accountably supervised through the police and if the present structure of “community” (that is, paramilitary) control is dismantled.