Vox pop Onion-style

Spotted by the, allegedly, semi-retired Richard Delevan. The announcement of the IRA’s final act of decomissioning, perhaps tellingly, merited only a brief mention by the satirical Onion – “I knew that Guns For Guinness trade-in program would work where so many other attempts had failed.”

  • Betty Boo

    There you go: Guinness is good for you!

  • Angel

    Let’s see that would be…

    1 bullet= 1 pint
    1 fully functional semi-automatic= 6 pack
    1 fully functionaly automatic= 12 pack
    10lbs explosives (any kind)= 1 case
    1 bunker full (1/2 functional, 1/2 non functional)= 1/2 Keg
    1 bunker full (fully funtional)= 1 keg

    and for every box, bag, or bucket of miscellaneous BS you bring in = 1 ticket. 6 tickets= 1 pint

  • cladycowboy

    Good things come to those who wait..