Figure of fun dies…

WHAT have Jim Gray and Ronnie Barker got in common?

No more porridge.

  • peteb


    I’d suggest Ronnie Barker deserves a thread to himself – ie not one associated with Gray.

  • prolefodder

    Nice one! And its goodnight for me and goodnight from him!

  • dh

    that’s a bit harsh mate…

  • Pastie Supper

    I’d always refrained from telling Bobby Sands jokes since I was sure the site was above this level of humour, and I’d be censured.

    Well now I know that from now on the dead are fair game.

  • tra g

    Ronnie Baker and Jim Gray both owned establishments which were ‘open all hours’

  • toby

    Jim owned the bunch of grapes and Arkwright sold a bunch of grapes