Rossport five to get out…?

A deal may be breaking that gets the Rossport five out of jail before they spend their hundredth night inside for contempt of court. Lot’s of activity down at the High Court in Dublin.

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14 thoughts on “Rossport five to get out…?”

  1. Good luck to them, Ross Port was such a lovely wee place, we used to go stay there when we were kids.

  2. Good luck to them, Ross Port was such a lovely wee place, we used to go stay there when we were kids.

  3. The Rossport five have issued a statement following their release from prison today.

    “We the Rossport 5 would like to thank our neighbours, friends and fellow Irish citizens for the loving support we and our families have received during these 94 traumatic days. In addition we would like to thank the incoming Norwegian government for their respect, support and assistance.

    “We remind Shell and their Irish government partner that imprisonments have historically and will always fail as a method to secure the agreement of Irish people.

    “We now call on our supporters to intensify the campaign for the safety of our community and families. We invite all citizens to join with us at a national rally tomorrow Saturday, October 1st. The rally will depart from the Garden of Remembrance at 2pm and march to the Dáil. The campaign has now begun in earnest.”

    The question is, will Michael McDowell introduce internment to silence these five guys !!

  4. Sorry if i repeat my self but there is a rally in Dublin tomorrow and next Friday in Belmullet there is a benefit gig. Come along and support the Red and Green of Mayo and indeed this issue effects all the people on the island.
    The thing that people need to understand is in North Mayo if the locals do not want that pipeline there then that pipeline will not go through no matter what the authorities think.
    Shell to sea

  5. Setana

    Have the people of Mayo voted on this issue so that their view is represented? I know of 5 people who are against.

  6. Setana

    Have the people of Mayo voted on this issue so that their view is represented? I know of 5 people who are against.

  7. Well there you have it – the “Rossport 5” are IRA stooges at best, members and activists at worst. One read of that statement is enough – it is now an issue of national security that they be dealt with in the manner appropriate to treasonous subversives.

  8. DK,

    There has not been any vote in Mayo about the Rossport five. There are as always two camps. However i dare to say they have majority support.
    In general a lot of people do not understand the issues or think that these are money grabbing farmers which is untrue. I bet that is where your Mayo friends are coming from.


    I don’t think you deserve an answer to your slanderous post but i will rise to your bate anyway. IRA stooges member and activists. Just because they see what is been done in their community as wrong you think you can link them to our historical problems on this island. Shame on you and your ignorance.


  9. According to the press report they were released after their counsel apologised on their behalf. The statement illustrates just how sincere that apology was. As a society we would still appear to have difficulties with the concept of the rule of law.

  10. I’m confused about this issue. If the pipeline is safe, and everything I’ve read says that the proposed line is safe, then what is the problem? Is it reasonable that five stubborn farmers, acting only in their own interests, can hold up economic progress in the area? Why are they regarded as heroes? As regards their imprisonment, everyone in this country is subject to the rule of law. You can make your protest but ultimately you have to obey the law, the five don’t appear to accept that. I don’t remember any sympathy for Liam Lawlor when he refused to expunge his contempt of court and was rightfully imprisoned.

  11. Basically I cannot believe people question why the Rossport Five stood up for themselves? It is ludacris for Shell to think they own people just because they are wealthy. The Mayo men and women may well be regarded as the “little ones” in this whole debate.. but if you travelled any part of Ireland while those men were behind bars you would soon come to realsie that everywhere from Dublin to Galway to Belmullet people were believing in the “little ones”.

    The Rossport Five have made a huge differece in the way people now see County Mayo.. and that is something to be very proud of..

  12. Go raibh an bua agaibh sa deireadh a chairde cróga!

    Fair play to them and fair play to people for standing up and backing big rich bastard companies thinking they can trample all over people. And up yer hole Mc Dowell, ye fascist!

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