Campbell: much to be done before restoration

Gregory Campbell takes on some of the media and other speculation that the DUP can be dragged into negotiations on the IMC’s judgement of the IRA. He lists a number of issues that have not been addressed whilst the governments have been concentrating on accommodating Sinn Fein’s needs. You might say it was the DUP’s own Equality agenda.

There has to be an ending of the jobs bias, cultural shortfall and investment under-spend in the unionist community. The future of the Royal Irish Regiment has not as yet been finalised. The minority Protestant recruitment to the Police is intolerable and must end. The weakening and alienation of unionism has developed over a long period of time and has been ignored for too long. While it would be ideal if these were all remedied in a few months, it is difficult to see how. Unless of course there is an immediate change of heart by the Government and a speedy implementation of a new Equity Programme aimed at ensuring this package is delivered.