Tabloid speaks the truth and takes the heat…

If a newspaper’s primary role is to speak truth to power, the last place you might expect to find it is amongst a tabloid press, more associated with raking for scandal to end a politician’s career. In this week’s Blanket, Mick Hall argues that the Sunday World has been speaking its truth in the teeth of some nasty recriminations from one potent seat of power in Northern Ireland – Loyalist paramilitaries.

  • Richard Dowling


    Well done to the Sunday World.

  • missfitz

    There are many things I dont like about the Sunday World, but I have made a point of purchasing a copy every Sunday since this lark started. I may not like what they say all the time, but I believe in their right to say it.

  • Dave

    “Worse was to follow when when one of the paper’s tireless seekers of truth Martin O’Hagan was shot dead yards from his Lurgan home”

    “Northern Irish journalist (b. June 23, 1950, Lurgan, County Armagh [now in Craigavon district], N.Ire.—d. Sept. 28, 2001, Lurgan), was a former member of the Official Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the first working journalist to be murdered in Northern Ireland”

    Was this “reporter” convited of gun running in the 60s? maybe I’m getting him mixed up with someone who wasn’t gun running.

  • missfitz

    were you making a point dave?

  • weasel

    The Sunday World claimed on sunday that only 50% of the IRA’s arsenal had been decomissioned.

    Clearly this was total rubbish, but also very dangerous.It is a very tense time within our community and the last thing we need is some second rate storyteller trying to increase tensions within our community.

    I don’t know the political leanings of the journo. involved in the story, but lets be honest, the only sources the Sunday World have are usually working the streets behind the city hall or some ex comrade from bygone days.