A problem with presentation?.. or content?

Sinn Féin published the official text of Gerry Adams’ speech to party members in South Armagh yesterday.. and cautioned to “Check against delivery”. Fortunately the Irish Times’s Gerry Moriarty did just that[subs req], and noted some interesting divergence from the script.From the Irish Times report

Senior republican sources have insisted the historic importance of the July statement has been underestimated and Mr Adams in again departing from his script last night developed this theme.

“This is something that in many, many ways is a potentially huge sea change, not just for us, for the people of the North, but for the entire island. I think it has changed the political context utterly. I don’t think republicans have absorbed what it is about. I don’t think the media have absorbed what it is about, I don’t think our enemies have absorbed what it is about.“[emphasis added]

So neither republicans, the media, nor your enemies fully understood the significance of the statement, Gerry?

That would be a failure in either the presentation.. or the content.