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Now, I’m not a religious man.. at all [whodathunkit? – Ed], but even I think this is a ludicrous idea. The Times covers the 100-minute Bible here, but the Guardian has a rather telling quote from the publisher, Len Budd, a former chairman of the deanery at Canterbury “Is it a dumbing down of the Bible? Yes, but that’s the world today… If this book means more people can answer pub quiz questions on the Bible, so much the better.”The man responsible for condensing the Bible, Rev Martin Hinton, has claimed – “We have sacrificed poetry to clarity.”

And, as a comparison, here is a sample from the 100-minute Bible, and the King James Bible’s version of the same sermon on the mount

Also worth reading is The Guardian’s John Crace [he called the 100-minute version the Ronseal edition: “It says 100 minutes on the tin and that’s what it is.”] – The ‘If you don’t have 100 minutes version’

God created heaven and earth in six days. He then made Adam, quickly followed by Eve when he saw that Adam was bored. Their descendants proved a real disappointment, so he flooded the world and started again.

But I’ll pick out one of the submissions to the G’s Newsblog

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