From the shelves to the freezer

The European Constitutional Treaty has been officially brought from the shelves to the freezer by Jose Barroso. The Head of the European Commission acknowledged that the EU will not have a Constitution until two or three years. This news will come as no surprise the Minister for European Affair, Noel Tracy. As we are moving from the ‘reflection period’ to the ‘iced constitution age’ we learned recently that a third of the Irish were in favour of the Treaty and 13% against it. However, it has to be noted that half of Irish people didn’t have any opinion about the topic and two thirds said that while they had heard about the document, they had no idea what is in it. These bad results for the Irish Government did not deter Maurice Hayes, chairman of the Forum on Europe, to lecture the Constitutional Committee of the European Parliament on ‘the Forum’s work in fostering the debate on EU issues to Irish citizens.’ For the future battles bloggers involved in EU debates should beare in mind that the Internet was a strong forum for the French ‘no’ vote. Something that might explain the new facelift from the European Parliament website (thanks to Ciaran).