Poll suggests southern election too close to call

Interesting poll figures from the Irish Examiner today. It’s entirely focused on the Republic. Although satisfaction rates for the Government have slipped to 37%, it remains above the low of 34% last June. Were the election called tomorrow, the polls suggest a narrow victory for the FF and PD government. The Greens are holding – notionally moving from 4% to 6%. And Sinn Fein retain the position they’ve had for over a year (and here) at about 10%. Gerry Adams, once the most popular leader in Ireland with a 51% approval rating, has dropped even further from 42% to 31%.No sign of the government meltdown predicted in the summer. However, Sinn Fein is looking for a bounce from the IRA’s decommissioning and, perhaps, all manner of gains as voters’ traditional resistence to giving them lower order transfers breaks down in the political climate change that could follow a convincing act of decommissioning.