Bloody Sunday drama opens in Derry…

Eammon McCann is clearly impressed with the London Tricycle production of Bloody Sunday: Scenes from the Saville Inquiry. It starts its run in London tomorrow, and will be in Dublin for the Theatre Festival for 11-15 October, when its complemented by a cracking event on the Saturday between 11am and 1pm at the Abbey. The panel will include McCann, Ronan Bennett, theatre critic Helen Meaney and Richard Norton Taylor who put the piece together.

  • Richard Dowling

    Worth waiting for.

  • PaulW

    I hope that the word “includes” means that the full panel will cover a wider range of viewpoints than suggested by the names mentioned (although I may be doing an injustice to Helen Meaney about whom I know nothing).

  • ganching

    Yes it is worth waiting for. I went a couple of times to the enquiry when it was sitting in London and to the production at the Tricycle which was an accurate and fair representation of the real thing. (Apart from that Jim McDonald from Coronation Street being in it.)

  • Jo

    I went to see this in the Belfast GOH last week. Theres a review on JOBLOG!

  • Harry Flashman

    So let’s see we had the first enquiry we then had several 20th anniversary specials on BBC and Channel 4, about forty seperate books, followed by the longest and most costly tribunal in British legal history, then two films in the space of two months and now we have a play about the tribunal…gee dya think it’ll have anything new to tell us? (Not wishing to spoil the plot for you but it turns out the Brits did it, hey whoddathunkit, what a turn up for the books)

  • Jo

    The performance of Gen. Ford was nothing less than appalling. I dont know whether he was as drubnk as he was characterised as being in the play when he actually gavce evidence, but he didnt appear the soberest!

    One (of many) interesting points was that, in 1972, never before in the history of the civil rights marches had there been any use of the cover provided by the IRA to launch anyu attack on the police or Army. This point was made several times and made it all the more obvious that any “fears” expressed on this front were pure invention and pretext.

    Perhaps it is too late for heads to roll, but looking at last weeks riots, I wondered what would have happened if the military lack of control/intent to deliver a bloody nose had co-inicded with those clashes?

  • Deaglan

    Well Harry, the tribunal has already told us several things we didn’t know. About how RMP pressured soliders into delivering perjured testimony, how evidence was destroyed by the MOD despite a subpoena,we discovered a malfunctioning radio may have been responsible for a great deal of the bother and we got to hear how you can fire 19 shots a bathroom window, kill a ‘sniper’ standing behind it and not break the window. So, yes, we, who listen, have learned some things. As for your spoiling the end of the play, shame on you! Everyone knows the real ending is seeing whether the families triumph in their quest to get the men who murdered their fathers/husbands and brothers to justice.