In praise of Northern Gaelic Football

Eoghan Harris opens and closes his column in last week’s Sunday Independent in praise of the tough professional approach that Northern Ireland’s Gaelic Footballers take to the game. And indeed, northerners to life in general!

  • maca

    Bit of a silly article.
    Couple of points:

    “it copperfastens my conviction that few southerners have the fortitude for a fight to the finish of the sort we saw last Sunday”

    He obviously doesn’t watch much GAA.

    Further down
    “Roy Keane ran himself ragged, but could not rally his team as a captain”

    And obviously he doesn’t watch much soccer either.
    (hint: Keane is not captain)

  • riff

    Yeah, gotta agree with Maca in that Harris must be struggling for something to write about.

    The man never impressed me at the best of times, but he hasn’t a clue about sport.

    I hear there’s a grass cutting job going in phoenix park Eoghan.

  • cladycowboy


    I agree entirely. I’m expecting a fight to the death with Kerry with my native Tyrone for Sam. Its a newfound pride for GAA pundits(not Harris) to be applauding Ulster football and its usually(rightfully) that games involving teams from the other 3 provinces that have won accolade from viewers.
    I view his comments as per usual as politically motivated in two instances.

    i.e Northern professionalism= British values rubbing off on the natives

    and ‘tough’ ‘different’ approach= an attempt to portray hitherto family members as people from a different race/planet. Brendan O’Connor is a master of this creation of a ‘Northern Irish Race’. F*** them

  • Seven Towers

    GAA. Now that is a real sport. Limited to one country – in otherwords a sport that has been invented so that only teams from that country can win.
    If you want a real winning team and a real sport then look no furthur than Windsor or Ravenhill – those who play there play a real sport and can beat the best (even if they are from other countries).
    Tyrone who won the limited cup are probally the best British team and Kerry well they are a foreign team anyaway.

  • Tir-ogh-an

    Well said Seven Towers. Altho I am a Catholic I agree with you. No surrender.

  • The Beech Tree

    Seven Towers

    You might want to look at those bastians of Irishness, London and Warwickshire, who both competed in the Nicky Rackard Cup (All-Ireland Hurling Championship Level III) – and London won it, to add to their other All-Ireland victories.

    Now, No-one could claim that London was in Ireland, surely. So there’s another country for starters.

    And If you took your head out of your bigotry for a second you would also have known that Bertie Ahern only recently opened the unofficial Ladies Football World Cup.

    Teams include entrants from Australia, Canada, South America, United States and Britain.

    As for beating the best, I must have missed Ulster’s triumph over the All-Blacks, or Northern ireland’s gutsy win over Brazil. Please do send me the videos.

  • Fraggle

    Don’t feed the troll Beech Tree.

  • smcgiff

    ‘Don’t feed the troll Beech Tree.’

    *Cough* International Rules *Cough*