New look Guardian to herald new ambitions?

Managed to pick up a copy of the new Guardian today. It’s a triumph of patience over fashion. They’ve got the right size (Berliner), and the design is good. But a bit like the Independent when it first kicked off in 1986, it feels like the subs are a bit at sea with the new proportions. Presumably that will ease with time. The paper is now in new territory. By beefing up its hard core news and snipping a few of its ‘timed-out’ columnists, it might even re-position itself as Britain’s newspaper of reference. A title abandoned by The (London) Times some time ago.Here’s what some half decent blogs had to say: Noing Noing; Where’s me country;; Suw loves it too; the Blogsnorkler is hacked off with the lack of colour in the Irish version; and PR view from Morgan McLintic.