Hobbs halts Village

The threat of legal action against Vincent Browne’s Village magazine has resulted in a halt to the printing of this week’s issue [not that I buy it you understand *ahem*]. As the Irish Times reports, Eddie Hobbs, of Rip-Off Ireland fame, consulted his lawyers after being asked to comment on an article Village was planning to print on his role as a financial adviser with the Taylor Investment group from 1993 to 1994.. clearly Village recognised the potential danger or they wouldn’t have forwarded it to him to begin with.. Sinéad stifles her chuckles long enough to type a reaction at the Sigla BlogFrom the Irish Times –

The article was e-mailed to Mr Hobbs on Wednesday evening to allow him to respond.

He replied on Thursday morning. Village incorporated suggestions he made and was publishing his reply in full, according to the magazine.

Then after the magazine had gone to press, Mr Hobbs e-mailed saying he had consulted a lawyer.

In further exchanges he threatened legal action if the magazine proceeded as it had intended. The magazine said it had halted printing to enable it to take independent advice, to redraft the article if necessary, and to disclose in full its dealings with Mr Hobbs.

“Village will, therefore, not be on sale until Saturday morning, but that issue will contain all the relevant material concerning Mr Hobbs,” the magazine said.