Tight Irish matches in Belfast and Dublin

At Landsdowne Road in Dublin 42 minutes into the Republic’s gripping first half against France and it’s 0-0. Get the second half live here. The 14,000 crowd is clearly the twelth man, as at the end of the first half at least, the motley crew that is Northern Ireland have held a much classier England, and even rattled them by times. And they getting no favours for England’s Enniskillen born goalkeeper Paul Robinson. Keep in touch here.
Great result for Scotland in Oslo! Whatever match you been watching, let us have your thoughts!

  • Young Fogey

    The Poms are one down now.

  • Alan McDonald

    Wow. 1-0 NI.
    And I’m listening to your “soccer” game from here in the US because I can’t get a video.

  • peteb

    Only because of a dodgy linesman’s decision ;p

  • Mick

    Pete, ya ole begrudger!

  • Keith M

    I’m flicking between the two Irish games. The Republic vs France has all the makings of a 0-0 draw (talking about creating hostages to fortune), and I’ve just seen Norn Iron’s “goal”. Very dodgy call.

  • peteb

    Hey.. less of the old, Mick. ;p

  • Keith M

    Undo dammit undo!!

  • Young Fogey

    Republic now down one against France, very back luck.

  • peteb

    That’s your fault, Keith ;p

  • Keith M

    I can’t get over the different reactions in the two stadiums. It sounds like it’s electric in Windsor Park, the prawn sandwitch brigade in Landsdowne might as well be at home watching on TV for all the support they’re providing.

  • Alan McDonald

    Well Done, NI!

  • Keith M

    Well done Northern Ireland, proably the biggest upset of this World Cup qualifying in any continent.


    “£$% the begrudgers and well done Norn ireland!

  • Young Fogey

    Work is going to be fun tomorrow!

  • George

    Healy said such a result would be up there with 1982.

    Unbelievable! Hats off. Enjoy the evening. Hell, enjoy the week! Hell, enjoy the decade.

  • Keith M

    France confirmed as winner’s in Dublin. Kerr must go!!!

  • Benjamin Partridge

    Paul Robinson wasn’t born in Enniskillen…

  • Mick Fealty

    Ah, a quick Google says Beverley in East Yorkshire. But I’m sure Alan Green said Enniskillen. Maybe it was just the excitment!

  • Southern Republican

    Man, what the hell happened last night, so many crazy emotions, first so happy NI beat England, then utter degection(there is no emoticon for the way I felt) when Ireland petered out to a 1-0 loss. So basically after last night I felt neutral. A +1 for NI then -1 for Republic of Ireland.

    Deffo Kerr must go, I thought he was just in a bad streak, but his habit of just plonking on Doherty, and other nobodies. Poor performance generally by all, but Kilbane and Duff really had nothing fed to them, which they are so used to on a club level. Roy Keane definetly only man who never quits.

  • cas

    Brian Kerr does have a negative streak in his management style & has tended to be overly cautious, especially when the French were there for the taking in Paris, for example.

    All is not lost however, two wins against Cyprus and Switzerland and the play-offs are guaranteed.

    Have to agree about Roy Keane, the man had a super game and is the ultimate midfield general.

    Super atmosphere at Lansdowne last night and it really seemed to rattle the French in the first half, however the 12th man wasn’t good enough to make the difference.

    I’ve seen it all before with tight qualification groups and while individual matches have an effect on the group ,it’s about how you play in all the games within the tournament which will ultimately decide if you are good enough to reach the finals.

    Here’s hoping.