US blogs to read…

First the American essential reading: Instapundit, Kausfiles, Jeff Jarvis, Daily Kos, Andrew Sullivan, Atrios, Josh Marshall and Kevin Drumm. More personally, read Sheila’s biog just for the brio. Rob at Crab Apple Lane is okay, but his blog tells the story right up to when Katrina hit. There’s also Coalition of the Swilling with some close up stories of the aftermath.

  • red

    Brio? I love that! Thanks, Mick.

  • David Vance

    “The Daily Kos” – essential reading??? For moonbats, maybe.

  • Mick Fealty

    Kos is pretty dedicated to the US Dem cause. But intelligent and definately worth reading. You’re well plugged into the US Right. Who would you recommend?

    BTW, Moonbat seems to be your word of the month. How and where’d you pick that one up?

  • Young Fogey

    Kos was right on the nose with this picture file gorging of Bush’s response to Katarina. Quote: “Meanwhile, our very own Nero fiddl… plays “pretend country star” while a whole region of his country drowns”

    Meanwhile Bush is to lead an investigation into what went wrong in the Katarina response. So American’s can expect a fair and balanced enquiry, then!

    PS – Moonbat is a perjorative term used by right-wing American bloggers about left-wingers, the exact analogue of “wingnut” on the left. Basically means so ideologically driven they can’t connect with the real world.

  • Young Fogey

    Serious question – and it’s as best here as it’s blog related, although not US blog related.

    Does anyone know if the Guardian newsblog deletes posts they don’t agree with. I’m not talking about being offensive here, just not in agreement with the Guardian’s stated line (on the German general election next week, which I hope to be involved in and blogging from in the final week, FWIW). Strikes me as a bit fascisti and a lot of other posts were deleted from the same thread – none of them, in my recollection, remotely offensive, although mostly non-complimentary towards Schröder, both from the left and from the right.

  • brewer

    Kos? Kos is about as rational and informative as a block of wood — by which I mean it is not very much of either. If you want to live in a lefty echo chamber there are plenty of much smarter choices. On the other hand, maybe I’m Karl Rove and this is all a Rovian ploy to discredit Kos. I’m sure I read that somewhere on there.

  • Young Fogey

    I kos is such a self-defeating moonbat hard-left echo chamber, why does the right-wing American blogosphere spend so much time and effort attacking him?

    I don’t see as much time wasted on kos slegging Redstate, Instapundit, the awful Melissa or the like as is true the other way around.

  • brewer

    I’m not sure I read deeply enough into the right wing blogs to see many references to Kos, but when I do see them hammering on them it is usually in a jaw-dropping incredulity. Some of the posters (the Armando authour especially comes to mind) make me just wish they turned they internet off sometimes. There is no shortage of bashing the righties… you just may not see it on the frontpage.

  • Katie

    Yes Guys, the left wing echo chamber is running wild with no infinately larger right wing echo chamber to counter it. The Media is “Left Wing” As is the US govt. which is officially controlled on all levels by the right. But secretly the moonbats on the left are at fault. They are so insinuated into the US political machine, that they are at fault even when they hold fewer votes.

    Clinton of course is the real culprit behind this Katrina mess. President Bush was really trying his hardest but Hillary Clinton beat him in a wrestling match. Winning the liberals control of this whole fiasco.

    The governer of Louisiana holds absolute power over the President of the United States. George Bush REALLY wanted to do something but, as the self proclaimed “leader of the free world” he can do a lot for his country. If Kathleen Blanco lets him.

    And FEMA had no way of knowing anything about the possible consequences of a natural event they have been planning for years. There was no way the millions of dollars they spent could have produced a meaningful result because Chuch Schumer beat brown up and STOLE from his pocket to finance his “Porsches for Ghetto mamas” program.

    The Governor of louisiana was given a personal check by Barbara Bush to finance the evacuation of NOLA, because the state had no resources, but that incompetent negro Ray Nagin spent it on booze and cheap women!

    Thank god the right is the last bastian of sense in this senseless world. I do not know what we would do without them, if only the left weren’t secretly in control of this whole country, it could surely be a better place.

    Those poor right wing politicians….

  • foreign correspondent

    Young Fogey,
    what is the Guardian´s stated line on the German election? The only related article I have read on their website was urging victory for Merkel which I found a bit surprising.

  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    Kos is ok but I would also add these to the list:

    Billmon: hyperlink

    Yglesias of course: hyperlink

    Brad De Long: hyperlink

    And for those who are a bit of a law nerd and like discussions on the constitution try Legal Fiction: hyperlink

  • Young Fogey

    I suppose kos is just a moonbat fantasist when reports scandals like this abuse of emergency resources?

    PS – Juan Cole is worth a read if you’re an Iraq follower.

  • tree hugging sister

    (Mick ~ thanks so much! We’re tickled to have been noticed.)

    Katie ~ Sheesh!

  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    Oh yes I forgot Juan he is good as well.

    ‘Moonbats’, yeah right, its just jealousy. When ATW gets 750,000+ visitors a day maybe people will start attacking them as well but right now obscurity is its own reward.

  • foreign correspondent

    But wait a sec, isn´t ATW actually a satirical website set up by someone on the left to discredit the right? I mean, the unthinkable alternative is that they actually believe the stuff they stick up there :-)))

  • David Vance

    Foreign Correspondent / DSD,

    There is only one thing worse than being talked about….


    Moonbat is indeed a flavour of the month amongst those of us in the VRWC. When I hear Cindy Sheehan or Ken Livingstine speak – I hear the moonbats flapping!

    Seriously I take great exception to the Kos angle on things but I do appreciate some will take exception to my angle on things, so live and let live.

    On the right, and in the USA, I recommend;

    Little Green Footballs and of course
    Right Wing News..

    They are all major blogs, moonbat free, and best of all – a great read.

    Best Wishes,


  • Young Fogey

    Surprised none of you righties have mentioned – although it ain’t what it was a year or so ago.

  • Simon Hawkin

    Little Green Footballs is not moonbat free (rather, not “wingnut free”, judging by the recommended word usage: it’s a rightwing site), but the guy behind LGF is intelligent and caring and it shows. Some of his regular audience are nuts, but far from all of them. My opinion is, dailyKos is much farther to the Left than LGF is to the Right, more biased and more politicised.