Blame the parents..?

TONY Blair has called for parents to take their responsibilities more seriously, as he launched a new drive against bad parenting and anti-social behaviour. As Tony knows all too well, you can’t keep your eye on the kids all of the time (maybe he picked the wrong role model !), so he wants families to teach children to respect others. Closer to home, children are copping criticism from the Chief Constable for (allegedly) being involved rioting and sectarian attacks recently.

  • levee

    Sanctimonious as he may sound, Tony has a point. Here’s where I start to sound old….

    I had a situation recently where I had to visit a neighbour to complain about his daughter beating up another girl in our street. Firstly, the daughter lied to me by telling me there was no-one in the house when I called at the door. Secondly, she lied in front of her parents about what happened. Outrageous, given that I actually witnessed what happened and was standing there!

    Worse than that, despite my eye-witness account, the father denied outright that she had any part in it. His daughter would never do that sort of thing and who was I to come shooting accusations at him? Then, to my astonishment, he tried to square up to me!

    Quality parenting! No wonder the kids are running wild when their parents sit inside all day watching Trisha and feeding them microwave meals.

    Just because Tone said it – and maybe you don’t like the guy – doesn’t mean that it’s not a sound analysis…