"there's a slogan to motivate the masses"

Courtesy of the excellent Newshound. The rumours of Newton’s demise have, clearly, been greatly exaggarated –

Quite simple really. ‘Love Ulster’ is a terror campaign. Not the old kind of terror campaign, mind you but a new political kind aimed at terrifying people into thinking that all those cows are about to stampede north and chew up our passports.

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  • willis

    Wonderful writing, even without Shelly Anne. However , I’m not aware that UVF Old/New/Classic were importing Mausers in 1914, 1912 maybe. However I have been wrong before.

  • traditional unionist

    who is newtown?

  • Mike

    I’m pretty horrified by the bizarrely-named ‘Love Ulster’ campiagn, but I think Newton could perhpas benefit from paying more attention to historical detail:

    “In 1914, as real patriots of all persuasions headed off to fight the Kaiser, the old UVF’s white-feather brigade was smuggling in weapons from Germany. Oops.”

    The old UVF were smuggling in weapons BEFORE the outbreak of WWI. There was mass recruitment from the ranks of the UVF (and the National Volunteers, of course) once war broke out.

  • peteb


    Thanks trad. unionist.

  • La Dolorosa

    I was given his book as a Christmas pressie last year – great stuff , keep it coming. What would we do without him?

    His disdain and risible contempt for both extremes of the political spectrum provide a refreshing, clear and honest view of the situation – and shows how pointless their activities are.

  • circles

    He’s had a few digs at the sdlp too La Dolo :o)

  • La Dolorosa

    I meant to add/write:

    ‘and shows how pointless AND ANACHRONISTIC their activities are’.

  • la Dolorosa

    Circles – no one is safe from Newton’s satire and with – which is probably a good thing if only it provides an alternative checking mechanism.

  • willis

    Where does this 37% illiteracy stat come from? Might be useful in Grammar School thread.

  • caulfield

    Newton’s generally spot on but I’m surprised he’s got his history so wrong. The UVF (36th divison) and thier opponents the Irish Volunteers (16th division) both joined the ranks of the British army en masse. The gun-running was all pre-war.
    Both sides were under the impression that joining up and fighting for Britain would help their cause.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    As most people (especially SF) seem to have forgotten about it, may I take this opportunity to congratulate the good people at loveulster for keeping the United Ireland issue on the agenda.