Keeping Mediocrity At Bay

George Ivan Morrison is 60 today [biography here.. wikipedia page here]. And we should be very grateful for him.. and his music. There are some great sites detailing the career of The Man, the official web-site, and this comprehensive fan-site, which includes some of the less difficult interviews he’s given. As this BBC report notes, BBC Radio Ulster is marking his musical legacy with a Morrison track every hour, and some dedicated programmes including a two-hour celebration at 8pm, hosted by Stuart Bailie who celebrated the occasion in the Belfast Telegraph at the weekend. There’s also a great [but short] snippet of conversation from Van in the Radio2 songlibrary speaking about his musical influences[RealPlayer sound file] Happy Birthday Van.

  • mickhall

    Thanks Pete,
    60, I have just telephoned the wife to tell her of Vans birthday, how quickly life passes. Years ago I was talking about the silly antics of some singer to an old guy from the Shetland Isles. He said no, your wrong, we should make allowances for artists because unlike most professions they lighten our load, thus we should forgive them their eccentricities.

    Down the years Van the man has certainly lightened my load. happy birthday to him and cheers.

  • circles

    My birthday today too – Up the Virgos!!!!

  • Jo

    Come to JOBLOG and let me know your FAVE Van track/album!

  • Keith M

    I’m can’t abide Van Morrison, either to listen to or (especially) to look at. He’s up there with Bob Dylan under the “Emporer’s New Suit” category for me.

  • Jo


    Agree with you about the looks but its the voice and the music and the SOUL. I know a few poeple to who I introduced VM music, who assumed he was black before seeing a pic. They had presumed that this was why he was so popular as they didn’t believe there were too many black soul singers in east Belfast.

  • Keith M

    Sorry Jo, but I like my soul music to be real. Give me Aretha, Dionne or Barry White any day.

  • Jo

    I can disagree with you on other issues, but I cant fault those preferences. 🙂

  • Alan

    Van, 60, and still doing what he wants to do – the best way to go. Hope it long continues.

    I suppose age gets to all of us – I hear Donny Osmond is a grandfather!

  • peteb

    Here’s a direct link to
    JoBlogs’ post on Van’s Birthday


    If you’re going to post a comment about how much you don’t like his music.. the least you could do is wish him a happy birthday.

  • mickhall

    The point about Van Morrison is his depth, his music is not solely blues, soul, pop or jazz, but a combination of them all. He also has the wonderful knack of getting the best out of his fellow musicians and it has to be said he works with the best in their field. Who else could have made such heart-lifting music in a duet with Cliff Richard of all people. I love Georgie Fames Hammond swinging about in the background on many tracks’ and live gigs, but then im an old mod..



  • Alan McDonald

    I just ran across some old pictures of Morrison in a book by Elliott Landy. You can view the pix online at Elliott Landy’s classic photos of Van Morrison …

  • P Ring

    Got back into the Van vibe with his early-mid eighties stuff (‘I felt a great sadness that day, in the garden, wet with rain’) ’cause I was too young beforehand to properly appreciate…Have heard many stories about his oddness and misanthropy and have forgiven them all…Sublime..Truly a poetic champion.