What's to love?

The “Love Ulster” campaign has got a lot of air, and press, space today.. most notably in the Newsletter – UTV carries the Press Association report.. although the, so far sparse, website seems more concerned with expressing opposition than celebrating. It all combines to create, at least initially, a high profile lobbying campaign.. whether it can continue with that profile may well depend on a lot more openness about who is involved in the campaign. Something that the campaign itself seems opposed to –

In keeping with the intention to make the campaign people-led, it will be launched by faces mainly unknown to the public.

  • Dec

    Talk about a time warp. They’ve even posted that hoary old chestnut “The Sinn Fein Oath” up on the website. Too depressing…

  • slackjaw

    From the forum:

    ‘Are you a Protestant victim of the Troubles? If so, post your story here.’

    How wonderfully inclusive. I remember about 10 years ago reading an interview (of sorts) in the NME(!) with Ian Paisley where he observed that a Protestant mother’s tears weren’t orange and a Catholic mother’s tears weren’t green. some people still haven’t even got as far as that.

    To repeat, it is self-defeating to ruminate exclusively on the victims of your ‘own side’. What does that do, apart from create a sense of perpetual victimhood?

    MOPEry par excellence.

  • dodrade

    I doubt this thing has legs,its just another howl of loyalist impotence.

  • Betty Boo

    How old is this Sinn Fein Oath?
    It does read like 200 – 400 years old. Maybe they copied it from something around this time.

  • maca

    A very backward site indeed. Bigotted nonsense.

  • slackjaw

    What is the origin of this ‘Sinn Fein Oath’? It’s like something out of a Dan Brown novel.

  • Dave Ghrol



    With this fella William Wilkinson driving the campaign – maybe this is just another negative DUP campaign.

    Links above – I do notice that the DUP have removed his candidates profile from their Ballymena council candidate page.

    Anyone know about this or why???

  • foreign correspondent

    Let´s be positive about this. Let´s all think about things to love about Ulster.
    I´d nominate for example, the awesome sight of Errigal, Aghla Bheag, Aghla Mhor and Muckish mountains rising majestically from near the west Donegal coastline.
    Then there´s… well there´s, mmm… Give me a moment and I´m sure I´ll think of something.

  • circles

    The Antrim coastline is great – whereas this site is abysmal.
    Shocking stuff altogether. I mean would they ever grow up. The Sinn Fein Oath like (did that not used to be the IRA oath or something) – I mean for crying out load!!! What utter nonsense. Ignorance driven by stupidity – no surprise Papa Docs boys are in on this

  • crat

    The site is registered to the Shankill Mirror.

  • Oilbhéar Chromaill

    I love Ulster – all nine counties of it…..

  • Bored

    Christ it’s great to see these scum drowning in a cess-pit of their own making. Heard a couple of their spokesmen on Radio UDA this afternoon – hilarious.

    One ‘vitims representative’ (chap named Wilkinson I seem to recall) blathered on in traditional bum-faced loyalist fashion (poor grammar, constantly interrupting/talking over the presenter, refusing/failing to answer the majority of the questions asked) while another prat (editor of the ‘Shankill Mirror’ – sounds like an august publication) moaned on in hideous fashion about nothing in particular. A third penis was then heard to opine that it was now time to ‘stop the rot’, ‘turn back the clock’, say ‘enough is enough’ etc. ad nauseum. This particular Einstein’s ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’ was for the British government to start giving ‘concessions’ to the ‘loyal ulster population’. And what was the first ‘concession’ he felt appropriate? The appointment of a ‘unionist-minded’ chair to the Parades Commission.

    A number of matters occur even upon the most cursory examination of these twats and their gruby little ‘campaign’:-

    (1) They are complete and utter biggoted scum.

    (2) There will be no return to 1690, 1890 or 1950.

    (3) The croppies are not lying down nor will they be lying down in the future.

    (4) The sooner these vermin realise that the days of institutionalised, state-sponsored sectarianism are over and that they are now no better nor worse than any other person living in the North, the better.

    In the meantime I will continue to enjoy a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time that they expose themselves to public scrutiny and howlingly fail to disguise themselves as anything other than the odious, bitter, biggoted trash they so plainly are.

  • Bored

    Apologies for the spelling errors in the above – it’s been a tough day at the office.

  • maca

    Apology not accepted. Get a spell checker. 🙂

  • crat

    The funny thing is the Shankill Mirror is going to have to stand over everything said on that website. There is already enough on it land them in court. Idiots.

  • circles

    I suppose you could find the naivety of it all sweet.
    How innocent they are and how innocent their wishes, so out of touch with the real world – like little bigotted children that want all the toys all the time, as well as all the sweets. I guess they’ve just been spoiled for much too long to realise how completely insane they sound. It looks like the rod had been spared a little too often from Old Mother Britain – should’ve smacked them and sent them all to bed a long time ago.

  • barcas

    The “I Love Ulster” site clock is already an hour behind everyone else in the UK. Why am I not surprised?

  • la Dolorosa

    Barcas: “The “I Love Ulster” site clock is already an hour behind everyone else in the UK. Why am I not surprised?”

    Only a hour – so things are progressing then! I thought it was at least 300 odd years…..

  • Bored

    [being ‘Bored’.. is no excuse for not playing the ball – ed Mod]

    These vermin are now completely bereft without the bogeyman of the Provos. The one figleaf that they sought to justify and excuse their odious antics is gone.

    Good riddance to these scum. I hope Stena will make an exception to their Rangers ban and ferry as many of these oafs to Scotland as possible.

  • yerman

    “The “I Love Ulster” site clock is already an hour behind everyone else in the UK. Why am I not surprised?”

    Maybe you need to pay a little more attention. This forum, as with most/all others requires you to set your timezone. Automatically it will be on GMT however, as we are currently in British Summer Time you will need to change this to GMT+1. Obviously the people who designed the site were au fait enough with basic web mastery to know this, obviously you are not.

    Who is living in the past now then?

  • dodrade

    Funny thing is, the newsletter editorial made a point of it having no paramilitary connections, then there’s a UDA brigadier unloading copies of the campaign newspaper, time for some serious backtracking methinks.

  • The Beach Tree


    Cut the waffle, son.

    The website time is clearly wrong.

    The time in Northern Ireland is one hour later than the time on the clock on that site, and this is clearly because in installing phpbb (which is mindnumbingly easy) they went by instinct for GMT, when we are on BST.

    They got the time wrong, yerman. And so have you. It’s not for readers to get out calculators and ready reckoners – it’s for the webmaster to get the basics right.

    Now off with you, and stop making a fool of yourself trying to defend every foolish fart that eminates from that community.

  • crat

    I’d love to see the paper trail behind the funding of 200,000 free papers and the other activities so far by this group. I wonder if the UDA contributed or just helped with the delivery of this publication? The links and support from websites that support Loyalist paramilitary groups are intriguing. Very interesting to see the Orange Order supporting the initiative. Their political supporters seem a growing and interesting list. What a very strange exercise from a very broad mix of Unionist/Loyalist opinion.

  • Mark

    Now we know what Newton has been doing. Excellent work Mr Emerson.

  • maca

    I notice the site has boomed today, there wasn’t a fraction of the posts earlier when I visited.

    Here’s one interesting post I came across:

    There’s an amazing shower of bigots on that site, it’s quite astonishing.

  • maca

    “Do you think big Ian has help[sic] or hintered[sic] the unionist cause over the last Decade…”

    Requires a yes or no vote.

    Brains to burn… *snigger*

  • crat

    You’ve got to love the Sinn Fein and AOH oaths. What a bunch of binlids.

    I also see some ‘friends’ of Slugger’s have endorsed the campaign. Them and Loyalist Paramilitaries. Surprise, surprise.

  • bertie

    Crat where is the list of supporters you are referring to?

  • crat

    William Wilkinson (DUP)
    MacVicar Ind unionist (or something)
    Robert Saulters (former UUP)

    So far.

    The Newsletter’s support may draw more out.

  • bertie

    Thanks crat

    but to be honest when you mentioned a “growing and interesting list” I thought you had found a suource that I hadn’t.

    BTW which are the friends of Slugger? Do they post here?

  • crat

    ATW has endorsed the site and campaign. EverythingUlster also advertises a link.

  • James Orr

    It’s all a bit odd. I can understand that there are a lot of (dare I say it) decent ordinary Unionist people out there who have a profound sense of frustration at present.

    However “LoveUlster” is at best misguided – it’s a virtual equivalent of a town centre protest rally and as such it’s bound to attract more than its fair share of nutters – and therefore ironically not attracting the “decent ordinary” sorts that it should be aiming for, but in fact deterring them.

    The Larne gunrunning parallel is immature to say the least. I can’t figure out what they hope this will achieve, and the campaign is likely to fizzle out if it doesn’t quickly gain mainstream support, which, with the current tone its taking, and the previously low profiles of its spokespersons, is unlikely.

    Mature unionist leadership is required. For a campaign of this nature to arise from the ground, mature unionist leadership must be lacking at present.

    Having said that, many of the posts on this thread are nothing more than the usual predictable patronising mockery of anything that unionists try to do.

  • peteb

    EverythingUlster also advertises a link.


    I think Beano may have someone to say on this.. but there’s no advertised link for the Love Ulster forum that I can see on EverythingUlster

    perhaps you’re just assuming too much?..

  • The Beach Tree


    Well, Beabo from Everything Ulster seems to post regularly – though to give him his due, he seems to be trying to act as the voice of reason and a restraint (unsuccessful) on the more bewilderingly crazy rantings on the site.

    I fear “loveulster.com” is going to have to do some handsome editing, and a cleanout of its supporter base pretty soon, because the Newsletter and Orange Order have little to gain from any link with the first eminations from this site. Links to the UDA and DUP already from a group who argue they have no truck with politicians or paramilitaries…oy vey.

    And after “proud to be a protestant” you’d have thought the Newsletter would have learnt their lesson in this area too.

    It’s bordering on a hate site frankly as it is. I’m sure (I hope) it’s not the author’s intention, but there you have it. Indeed it seems to be offering little more than a mouthpiece for certain loyalist factions to declare they can’t be ignored.

    Symbolic beginnings linked with gunrunning, UDA members involved in distribution, bizarre rant-filled websites … the only appropriate response is a kind of car-crash curiosity.

    Stepping away from the risk of schadenfreude for a second, do unionist/loyalist people really believe that this kind of thing is positive? All I can see is the hurt pride, and truculent stubborness of a permenantly depressed people. Do unionists/loyalists really see a future in this?
    And do unionist/loyalists believe for a second there is any prospect of success based on this? In fact do they even know what they want?

  • crat


    Paranoid again. ATW endorses the site. EverythingUlster advertises a link on every post contributed to the LoveForum.

  • peteb


    Directing people away from the Love Ulster forum would seem to be a good thing to do.. and not quite in keeping with the context of your original description – ATW has endorsed the site and campaign. EverythingUlster also advertises a link..

    As for your description of ATW as ‘friends’ of Slugger’s.. Well.. We also advertise a link to Balrog.. for example.

  • crat

    Directing people away from the Love Ulster forum would seem to be a good thing to do..

    WTF? You’ve probably managed to make Slugger’s one of their top 3 trackbacks. I hope the Newsletter and the ‘BillyBears’ (or some such) beats you.

    It’d be sad if Slugger’s was giving this site the majority of their hits.

  • Alan2

    A timely response I would say.

    SATURDAY 27/08/2005 15:38:06
    Sinn Fein unfurl banner campaign for United Ireland

    The vision of a United Ireland must not be limited to Gaelic football matches between teams from north and south, it was claimed today.
    By:Press Association

    As Dublin and Tyrone clashed in n All-Ireland quarter final replay in Croke Park, Sinn Fein unveiled a building-sized banner in Parnell Street in Dublin to promote its unification campaign.

    The Sinn Fein Mayor of Kerry, Toireasa Ferris, said the party wanted to see All Ireland structures developed in every single aspect of daily life in Ireland.

    “While it is great to see GAA teams and supporters arriving in Dublin today from as far apart as Kerry and Tyrone for All Ireland matches over the weekend, we must ensure that this doesn`t remain the limit of our vision of Irish unity,” she said.

    Ms Ferris, who is the daughter of Sinn Fein TD Martin Ferris, was joined at the launch by Councillor Francie Molloy, the Mayor of Dungannon in County Tyrone.

    Sinn Fein is planning a `Make Partition History carnival`, featuring street theatre, costumes, and live music on September 24 in Parnell Square.

  • The Beach Tree


    Only one group will profit from a wide readership going to that site in its present form…

    And its not the unionist community.

  • The Beach Tree


    The SF ‘response’ strikes me as hopelessly twee.

    Yet it carries with it the impression on a) bonhomie and b) entertainment – two aspects that the loveulster campaign to date conspicuosly appears to lack.

    In a straight fight between the two for the wider uneducated audience, I fear (for you) that SF are likely to win hands down, because the average punter will forgive the twee much more quickly than the curmudgeon.

  • S*uinter

    Some of the best comedy I’ve come across in ages.

  • peteb

    Beach Tree

    Whether that site gets traffic from Slugger – given the context of the original post – is irrelevant.. we might as well not link to anywhere.

    But whether crat’s comments on links – and where they’re from – are misleading, to say the least, is not. Not just for Everything Ulster but for Slugger too.

  • Declan

    Great stuff!!

    There’s nothing I love more than to watch semi-literate, jewel-encrusted bitter loyalists destroy what little credibility they have left on a site that will end up having to pull the shutters down for incitement to hatred!

    Keep up the good work lads!

  • glensman

    Watching UTV news today they said that leaders of the orange order and UDA were mixing amicably… Then Jackie MacDonald appeared with ‘UDA Leader’ underneath his name as if it was an everyday job title! What kind of society do we live in where terrorists are not only allowed to rule are streets but are given a platform to broadcast their sectarian views!

  • Alan McDonald


    What kind of society do we live in [?]

    I realize it was a rhetorical question, but the answer is “A Free Society.”

    Alan (no relation, far as I know) McDonald

  • objectivist

    Dear Bored,
    Wow!.This forum is becoming more indistinguishable from Debate Central every day.

  • Chris Gaskin

    As for your description of ATW as ‘friends’ of Slugger’s.. Well.. We also advertise a link to Balrog.. for example.

    Are you saying the House of Balrog isn’t a friend of Slugger pete?

    Shame on you 😉

    BTW the Sinn Féin oath thing is BS, I have never taken any oath.

  • crat

    Given the amount of public funding the Shankill Mirror gets their ability to publish 200,000 free 16 sheet colour papers is interesting (but probably not true). Especially when they have the UDA delivering the publication.

  • crat

    Some simple questions to ask those that created this campaign.

    How did the UDA know about your launch and turn up to help? You clearly asked other figures. How did the UDA know this was happening? Why did they help and endorse?

  • DCB

    Why oh why to loyalists always seem to post in CAPITAL LETTERS

  • Fishfiss

    Thuh gahvumunt’s ugnawhrunn thuh wooshes uvv thuh Prahdustunn peebull zoo they ahr, lahk.

    What are these berks after exactly, a campaign for the restoration of the old order which fcuked the loyalist working class like they did everybody else who wasn’t priveleged and white and Unionist ?

    These barely literate politically vacuous lamebrains really should take themselves out for a breath of air once in a while, they may bump into someone who can talk them down and confirm for them of the century they’re actually living in.

  • bootman

    love ulster- firebomb thy neighbour

  • Fanny

    Is that Chris ‘foaming at the mouth’ Gaskin there, by any chance?

  • Overhere

    I love Ulster all 9 counties. Why is it whenever Northern Irish Unionists speak about Northern Ireland they always chant Ulster? Which everyone knows is 9 counties not 6. They could have had all 9 counties in the beginning but then that would have scuppered their little majority plan. Mind you if they had of got the other three counties they wouldn’t be where they are today, not anything neither Irish (at their own insistance)nor British being separated by water from Britain. Britain comprising of England Wales Scotland.

  • reality check

    Yesterday the newsletter proudly proclaimed this campaign was of peaceful intent and didn’t have any truck with loyalist paramilitaries.On the news we see mr jackie mcdonald(senior uda figure)and ken wilkinson(antrim pup/uvf representative)
    nice to see people of their credentials involved in this “peaceful campaign to highlight the republican propaganda which is demonising and demoralising protestants”What so those catholics in Ahoghill attacked their own houses and attacked chapels in their area?

  • T.Ruth

    The Unionist community must realise that the ballot box is the best means of supporting the Unionist cause. The demographic realities indicate that a united Unionist vote will always enable democracy to triumph over the evil of fascist terrorism and those rascists dedicated to the ethnic cleansing of the British people from Ireland.
    Attempts to bring about a united Ireland will not succeed in the lifetime of our grandchildren if Unionists are united behind their political parties.

  • circles

    My God (and Ulster) – just had another flick through the “discussions” on this site – seriously cringe worthy.

    T.Ruth if your looking for bigotry, ignorance and fascism just go and have a read at some of those posts the demographically invulnerable ulster lovers have put up. Its a good thing they have the numbers on their side, as they certainly don’t have the arguments. I thought you could only find such a politcally unaware bunch somewhere in small town mid-west USA.

  • Headmelter

    “I thought you could only find such a politcally unaware bunch somewhere in small town mid-west USA.”
    Some of the monkeys over here are still learning to walk on two limbs never mind developing political awareness.

  • Chris Gaskin

    Is that Chris ‘foaming at the mouth’ Gaskin there, by any chance?


  • reality check

    T.Ruth-it would be good if the unionist community realised that the ballot box is the only way ahead.I would be surprised if this came to fruition.we’ve all seen this “peaceful campaigns” before and the result is the same.Catholics are attacked.Barely a day later after this new “initiative” st mary’s school in Harryville,ballymena is attacked.How disgusting yet unfortunately predictable

  • caulfield

    Love Ulster is a truly depressing site. The level of ignorance and illiteracy is shocking. I’m truly ashamed to be associated with these idiots

  • BogExile


    We’ll fight for our wee domain
    We’ll always take a stand
    For strangled syntax
    Purple prose
    Let’s give the boys a hand
    And if you don’t respect it
    Then you’re a bigot too
    Our Human right:
    To type such shite
    Instead of use the loo.

  • la Dolorosa

    Overhere – I couldn’t agree with you more.. one thing that really gets my claw more than anything else is referring to Ulster (9 counties) when people really mean Northern Ireland (6 counties). Equally annoying is mixing up English & British.

    Maybe there should be remedial geography/history classes for some .

  • Alan McDonald


    Over here (in the USA) we have the same problem with people calling the USA “America” when it’s only part. You would think that we didn’t know that we lost the War of 1812!

  • Fanny

    Can you foam at the mouth and eat pizza at the same time?

  • circles

    if its a fairy liquid pizza you can

  • La Dolorosa

    Alan – yes I forgot to add that one to my list. That also bugs me big time – call me pedantic – but I think it’s just sloppy and at worst imperalistic….and I would eevn go further in the layering of the term – USA – North America (US & Canada) Central, South then America,…..

  • Alan McDonald

    Ah, La,

    The endless conundrum of “North” America. Try this definition (© Howard Community College, 2004) from

    Words Every Geography
    Genius Should Know…

    North America

    North America is one of the Earth’s seven continents. It is made up of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands. Greenland, the largest island in the world, is also a part of North America. The major rivers in North America are the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Yukon, the Saint Lawrence, the Rio Grande, and the Colorado. Click here to see a map of North America.