PSNI open minds or eyes wide shut?

After comments from Deputy Chief Constable Paul Leighton that a series of sectarian attacks in Ahoghill may be down to bad neighbours rather than sectarianism, the difficulty the PSNI have in admitting 15yr old Thomas Devlin’s murder was sectarian, PSNI Supt Terry Shelvin getting ‘fed up’ over criticism and wasting his resources dealing (or not) with the attacks, another PSNI officer, Paul Bailey, district commander for Moyle, has joined the PSNI in Antrim finding difficulty defining (or admitting) what is a sectarian attack.

In this instance Mr Bailey is keeping an open mind on if an attack outside Ballymoney was sectarian, the petrol bomb and ‘Taigs Out’ graffiti don’t seem to have helped him make his mind up. Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has raised criticisms,

“It is becoming very clear to nationalists that there is a tolerance of unionist paramilitary violence amongst senior figures within the PSNI. There can be no other explanation for their failure to tackle this campaign or at the very least publicly acknowledge that it is happening at all.”