Fianna Fáil meltdown

Private polling carried out by Fianna Fáil and covered in the Sunday Tribune (not online) show the party is predicting an electoral meltdown and a spell in opposition. They have also found;

‘strong support in certain areas for Sinn Féin’

Highlights below

Thanks to Ivan for his help.

Sunday Tribune (front page) Sun 21 August – extracts

Private polls predict election disaster for Fianna Fáil.

Fianna Fáil could lose up to 15 seats in the next general election, according to private polls carried out recently for the party.
The secret constituency polls are understood to be worse than the most recent TNS-MRBI national opinion poll, which put Fianna Fáil at a low of 32%.

Informed sources described the private poll findings as “pretty Grim”

It is understood the private polls do not show any one party benefiting from Fianna Fáil’s current difficulties. They do point to a bounce in support for Fine Gael and strong support in certain areas for Sinn Féin (my emphasis)

However, some senior party figures are said to be privately resigned to a spell in opposition after the next election.